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  1. Fatui Harbingers List Of 11 Members In Genshin Impact

List Of 11 Fatui Harbingers In Genshin Impact

HoYoverse just published a new trailer for the 11 Fatui Harbingers of Genshin Impact, among the Traveler's most formidable foes. The Genshin Impact Traveler's twin is on the planet Teyvat, and the Traveler must get there to find them. But the Fatui and the terrifying Harbingers stand in their way. The Tsaritsa, Cryo Archon, is served by the Eleven Harbingers, the highest-ranking members of the Fatui.
They band together to "seize authority from the gods." HoYoverse just published a teaser in which 9 of the 11 Harbingers were seen, giving fans their first look at some of the series' most terrifying foes. Many in the Genshin Impact community have speculated about the origins of each Harbinger and whether or not they will be playable.

Fatui Harbingers List Of 11 Members In Genshin Impact

1. Scaramouche Is One Of The Strongest Fatui Harbingers

Fatui Harbingers, ScaramoucheSource: Genshin Impact

Scaramouche from Genshin Impact is the sixth Harbinger and the only one to be left out of the promotional material. Since Signora's passing, he no longer communicates with the Harbingers. However, Scaramouche has already appeared to the player in earlier time-limited events in Genshin Impact.

2. Il Dottore Genshin Impact

fatui harbingers, Il Dottore Genshin ImpactSource: Genshin Impact

Dottore is a scientist who appears largely in the Genshin Impact manga. Based on the preview, it appears he possesses numerous autonomous "Segments," or copies, of himself. Thus, the Dottore from the manga was almost certainly a Segment, and the Dottore from the new video is almost certainly the original or a much older Segment.

3. Capitano

fatui harbingers, CapitanoSource: Genshin Impact

Given his strength, Capitano is likely the Harbingers' No. 2 leader. Yet, this has not been verified. The leaked voice lines feature Childe reflecting on Harbinger's better fighting skills and expressing a desire to battle Capitano.

4. Sandrone

Fatui Harbingers, SandroneSource: Genshin Impact

Sandrone's status among the Harbingers is unclear, although she stands out from the rest because she is being hoisted aloft by a massive robot in the teaser. It's unclear if she built the robot herself, but she has authority over it. The robot's true identity has not been revealed.

5. Tartaglia - One Of The Best Fatui Harbingers

fatui harbingers, TartagliaSource: Genshin Impact 

Tartaglia is the Eleventh of the Fatui Harbingers, but she is better known by her nickname, Childe. Currently, he is also the sole Snezhnaya playable character. Despite being the Harbingers' youngest member, he loves a good fight and can be a formidable opponent because of his Vision and Delusion.

6. Arlecchino

Fatui Harbingers, ArlecchinoSource: Genshin Impact

Arlecchino may or may not be a high-ranking member of the Harbingers, but she runs an orphanage in Snezhnaya. Genshin Impact World Quests set in Inazuma drop hints that some orphans she helps nurture become agents for the Fatui organization.

7. Pantalone

Fatui Harbingers, PantaloneSource: Genshin Impact

No. 9 of the Harbingers, Pantalone is a doppelganger for the Genshin Impact Baizhu. He is an economist, which strongly suggests he is the source of Fatui's funding. Little is known about Yelan beyond the fact that his Story Quest implies he maintains a vast network of merchant contacts.

8. Pulcinella

fatui harbingers, PulcinellaSource: Genshin Impact

When Childe first arrived in the Fatui, it was Pulcinella, Harbinger No. 5. The teaser calls him "Mayor," suggesting he has some official position in Snezhnaya's government. Not much else has been revealed about Childe, but his voice lines suggest he is one of the friendlier Harbingers.

9. Columbina

Fatui Harbingers, ColumbinaSource: Genshin Impact

While the other Harbingers are having a conversation, Columbina can be heard humming softly in the background. Halfway through the preview, she pauses to inquire about Dottore's Segments. Columbina's exact position among the Fatui is unclear. However, in the voice lines of Genshin Impact Childe, he expresses concern about her powers and says that she is third in his estimation.

10. Pierro Genshin Impact

fatui harbingers, Pierro Genshin ImpactSource: Genshin Impact

Pierro, also No. 1 among the Harbingers, speaks first in the Fatui trailer and is the de facto leader. Dottore, Pantalone, and Scaramouche are only some of the Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact that he is rumored to have recruited as the First Fatui.

11. La Signora - Fatui Harbingers

Fatui Harbingers, La SignoraSource: Genshin Impact

It would appear that La Signora, ranked eighth among the Fatui Harbingers, has been given the Gnoses of Venti and Zhongli. But in the final moments of the Inazuma arc, she meets her end. The Genshin Impact Fatui preview shows that the Harbingers finally came together after her death.
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