911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 12 Cast, Guest Stars And Recap: Swipe Left

"911 Lone Star" is an action-packed drama television series that has captured the hearts of many viewers since its debut. With its thrilling storyline and captivating characters, the show has earned a massive fan following. Now that "911 Lone Star" Season 4 has started airing, fans are excited to learn more about 911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 12 Cast, Guest Stars and the storyline.
As the season progresses, fans are eager to see what lies ahead for the characters they have grown to love. The next episode of "911 Lone Star" promises to be just as thrilling as the rest of the season, and we can't wait to see what happens next. So, stay tuned for more exciting updates and join us as we dive into the world of "911 Lone Star."
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#1. 911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 12 Cast, Guest Stars

911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 12 CastSource: FOX


  • Rob Lowe plays Owen Strand
  • Gina Torres plays Tommy Vega
  • Ronen Rubinstein plays T.K. Strand
  • Sierra McClain plays Grace Ryder
  • Jim Parrack plays Judd Ryder
  • Natacha Karam plays Marjan Marwani
  • Brian Michael Smith plays Paul Strickland
  • Rafael Silva plays Carlos Reyes
  • Julian Works plays Mateo Chavez
  • Brianna Baker plays Nancy Gillian
  • Skyler Yates plays Evie Vega
  • Kelsey Yates plays Izzy Vega


  • John Clarence Stewart plays Joe
  • Keon Alexander plays Fauza
  • Niousha Noor plays Fara
  • Paul Karmiryan plays Zain
  • Sia Zami plays Hassan
  • Islam Meligi plays Omar

#2. 911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 12 Release Date

911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 12 CastSource: FOX

Attention all "911 Lone Star" fans! The wait is over as the highly anticipated 12th episode of Season 4 titled "Swipe Left" is set to air on FOX on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. After the previous episode ended on a cliffhanger, fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment's intensity and drama.
In this upcoming episode, viewers can expect to see the continuation of the characters' storylines, with more thrilling twists and turn in store. Will they be able to overcome the challenges thrown their way? Tune in to find out and prepare to be on the edge of your seat!
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#3. 911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 12 Recap

911 Lone Star Season 4 Episode 12 CastSource: FOX

"911 Lone Star" Season 4 Episode 12 will feature Marjan's venture into the dating world, with help from Team 126. Meanwhile, Strand's team will deal with a tense emergency involving a pregnant woman at a motel. As people face personal and professional problems, this episode promises to blend romance and drama. Viewers can expect to witness the wedding preparations of TK and Carlos, with their highly anticipated wedding ceremony. Carlos will work on a case with Sergeant O'Brien, but he has a secret from TK that will be disclosed in the first episode.
In the season premiere, Carlos will experience a drug-induced episode that might upset some viewers. In addition, a new character, Special Agent Rose Casey, will team up with Owen in investigating an extremist group planning an attack. Carlos' life will be in danger as he investigates the disappearance of someone close to him. T.K. and Carlos have an important conversation about children, with T.K. expressing his desire for them, while Carlos isn't keen. Marjan finds a potential love interest in Joe, her hot physical therapy trainer who happens to be Muslim.Despite the couple's discussion with their parents, Carlos' insecurities about fatherhood remain unresolved. T.K. tries to assure him that he's okay with Carlos not wanting children, but it's clear he wants them badly. Marjan thought she had found the one but was disappointed when she found out he was taken. However, fate intervenes when she meets her hot physical therapy trainer Joe. It's unclear whether T.K. and Carlos can avoid the topic of having children without it affecting their upcoming wedding.
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