9 Fascinating Reasons Celebrities Removed Their Tattoos

We wouldn't advise counting on it as an easy, quick reverse if you dislike your tattoos later on because it comes at a premium sum and can demand a tremendous pain threshold. However, it's interesting to note that some famous people, like the rest of us, have gotten tired of their tattoos over time and are considering changing them.
After all, fashions fade, trends die out, and no matter how set in stone an individual may be about a particular look, they are eventually replaced by something else. Check out these reasons celebrities removed tattoos, either because they no longer identify with the meaning behind them or because they want to create room for a new design.

1. Megan Fox

reasons celebrities removed tattoos, Megan FoxSource: Getty Images

Megan's renowned Marilyn Monroe forearm tattoo, which she got when she was 18, has been slowly fading away on red carpet and TV appearances over the past few years. She informed the Italian publication Amica that she no longer wanted to be exposed to the bad vibes the tattoo represented.

2. Pete Davidson

reasons celebrities removed tattoos, Pete DavidsonSource: Getty Images

During a December 2020 online Q&A, Pete revealed plans to have all of his tattoos covered up. Pete, who was previously known to flaunt numerous tattoos, has stated that the time spent in hair and makeup to cover them up for filming has validated the choice to get rid, which was driven by the desire to spend a little more time in bed in the mornings. There's no doubt in our minds that you're right.

3. Angelina Jolie

reasons celebrities removed tattoos, Angelina JolieSource: Getty Images

After being divorced from Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina had his name erased from the dragon tattoo on her arm. She has since covered up the tattoo with a dedication to her children, including their birth dates.

4. Rose McGowan

reasons celebrities removed tattoos, Rose McGowanSource: Getty Images

The huge pin-up female tattoo on Rose's shoulder is steadily disappearing during red carpet events, yet she has never discussed the tattoo or the reasons for its removal. In 2007, practically all of it had vanished.

5. Pharrell Williams

, Pharrell WilliamsSource: Getty Images

After realizing he'd outgrown his many tattoos, Pharrell began his quest to have them all removed in 2008. He compared the procedure to receive a skin graft and boasted, "I got fire on my arms, I'm a grown-ass man." in British Vogue. Ouch.

6. Heidi Klum

reasons celebrities removed tattoos, Heidi KlumSource: Getty Images

Heidi's arm tattoo was originally a tribute to her now ex-husband Seal, and it had an abstract pattern that resembled the initials of both of their names and stars that bore their children's initials. Heidi had the stars removed from her children's names after she and Seal had a divorce.

7. Eva Longoria

reasons celebrities removed tattoos, Eva LongoriaSource: Getty Images

Eva invited her fans to watch her tattoo removal procedure online. While having the star tattoo removed from her wrist in 2016, she posted photos and videos to Instagram to illustrate to her followers the process and the pain involved.

8. Kelly Osbourne

reasons celebrities removed tattoos, Kelly OsbourneSource: Getty Images

Kelly, like Eva, let her followers follow her on her path to having tattoos removed. Kelly had two tattoos removed in 2020: one that stated "Lovely" in script, and another that was a colorful keyboard. She recounted the experiences on Instagram, noting that removing the tattoos was "1000000000000 worse than having the tattoo." Eep!

9. Sarah Hyland

reasons celebrities removed tattoos, Sarah HylandSource: Getty Images

Sarah Hyland gave us a front-row seat to her laser tattoo removal process in 2019 for a funny dinosaur tattoo on her butt. She posted recordings of her real-time grimacing reactions on Instagram Stories. Just so you know, it did appear to be quite painful, and we appreciate Sarah's willingness to let us in on the BTS action.
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