5 Most Endangered Animals In Africa That You May Never Hear About

Africa is home to thousands of species. It serves the most significant wildlife scenery on our planet. Unfortunately, the human-animal conflict there damages drastically the environment and the endangered animals in Africa. 
Here are 5 endangered animals in Africa that you should know

#1. Ethiopian Wolf

5 Species Of The Most Endangered Animals In Africa 1Source: The Conservation

They inhabit the Ethiopian Highlands and feed on small animals such as birds and rodents. Apparently, this species is the most endangered carnivore on this continent with only more than 500 individuals remaining in the wild. Humans’ farming activities and domesticated dogs’ diseases are the main causes of the decline of their population. 

#2. Pangolin

5 Species Of The Most Endangered Animals In Africa 2Source: WWF

African pangolins are decreasing in number due to illegal trading with Asian countries such as Vietnam and China. They are friendly ant-eating small animals and are used to produce illegal medicines in these countries. Moreover, human cultivation of land also results in habitat loss and food shortage. 

#3. Rhino

5 Species Of The Most Endangered Animals In Africa 3Source: On Photo

 Sadly, Rhinos share the same fate as pangolins. Every year, hundreds to thousands of individuals are poached, and their horns are cut down and sold overseas. Furthermore, rhinos have become the symbolic animal species for wildlife conservation by many international organizations such as Save the Rhino International

#4. Mountain Gorilla

Source: US Davis

Humans’ activities consisting of the conflicts between Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo affect these animals. Luckily, after several conservation actions, its population has been increasing recently. It is a good sign for endangered animals in Africa and anywhere else in the world. 

#5. African Penguin

Source: Britannica

They are native to South African countries. These flightless birds face many threats such as oil spills and lack of food sources. There were only 50,000 birds in 2018 and the governments and wildlife organizations have taken serious steps for the population to go up.
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