9 Tidbits Behind Famous Movies Even the Most Hardcore Fans Might Have Missed

Movies have the magical power to solve real-life issues for a certain period of time. Moreover, they can take us to travel to other worlds, full of fantastic characters and scenarios. For these, sometimes we might forget that those characters are just actors – ordinary people and the amazing world is a film set. The creation of a film is real. Making a movie requires the effort of hundreds of people, including actors and crew. Their jobs are similar to ours, not only ordinary but curious things do happen.
Over the years, they have amassed plenty of intriguing facts and hilarious stories and it’s nice to see some manage to have fun with them. Did you know that the movie Rocky was written the screenplay in three and a half days or one of cinema's most legendary lines – “I’m the king of the world” (Titanic) was totally improvised?
There are a lot of cool facts that even true fans might have missed. So, we’ve gathered some surprising tidbits about popular movies. Now let’s scroll down and see. If you're looking for more, read these articles: 15+ Shocking Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Popular Movies and 15 Fun Facts About Movies.

#1 Hugh Jackman could have played the role of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Tidbits Behind Famous MoviesSource: © RGR Collection / Alamy Stock Photo, Jon Furniss / Invision / AP / East News

Many might not know that the iconic character Captain Jack Sparrow’s name was after Hugh Jackman. Screenwriter Stuart Beattie wanted the actor to play the role but he wasn’t cast for it.

#2 Margaret Atwood appeared in a brief scene in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Source: © The Handmaid's Tale / MGM Television and co-producers, Photoshot / East News

Margaret Atwood, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale, had a cameo in the first episode of the movie. Her scene just lasted just seconds.

#3 Carol from Friends was replaced.

Source: © Friends / Warner Bros. Television, © Friends / Warner Bros. Television

From the start, Jane Sibbett took over Carol in Friends in 15 episodes in total but not many noticed that the mother of Ben appeared in one of the episodes as actress Anita Barone.

#4 Jennifer Coolidge almost turned down her role in The White Lotus.

Source: © The White Lotus / HBO Entertainment and co-producers

When creating Tanya, creator Mike White had Coolidge in mind. The actress almost missed the role, stating that she didn’t feel physically in shape.

#5 The father’s sweater in Coraline is paying homage to something.

Source: © Coraline / Focus Features and co-producers

Look at the father’s sweater, you can realize that it’s from Michigan State University. The producer, Bill Mechanic added the detail because he is a proud alum of Michigan State.

#6 The Duke brothers frequently wear matching tie patterns in Trading Places.

Tidbits Behind Famous MoviesSource: © Trading Places / Paramount Pictures and co-producer

The Duke brothers consistently match their tie patterns. While Randolph always sports a bow tie, Mortimer always wears a necktie.

#7 Elisabeth Moss almost turned down her role in The Handmaid’s Tale.

Tidbits Behind Famous MoviesSource: © The Handmaid's Tale / MGM Television and co-producers

Elisabeth Moss who portrayed June Osborne almost passed on the role because of her busy schedule. After finishing her run on Mad Men, she had reservations about taking on another television show so soon.

#8 It took Keira Knightley years of therapy to recover from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tidbits Behind Famous MoviesSource: © Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

Keira Knightley first appeared on screen as Elizabeth Swann in the well-known “Pirates of the Caribbean” when she was just 17. Moreover, she starred alongside the super famous actor, Johnny Depp so fame came to her as a storm. The actress shared that it took her years of therapy to deal with it.

#9 Iwan Rheon almost played John Snow on Game of Thrones.

Tidbits Behind Famous MoviesSource: Allpix Press / East News, Allstar / Izumi Hasegawa / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

Iwan Rheon who landed the role of Ramsay Bolton almost played a different role. It’s hard to imagine him being part of Jon Snow.
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