15 Fun Facts About Movies You Went Unnoticed Until You Grew Up

Movies have the magical ability to suspend our real-life troubles for at least the duration of the film. Not only that, they can bring us to amazing worlds full of fantastic characters and scenarios.
Our childhoods were brightened by stories of fairy tale princesses, magical lamps, golden tickets, and monsters who were not always as bad as they looked. And when we were kids, we could watch movies without thinking too much about what we were seeing. However, when we watch movies as adults, we may notice certain hidden jokes or questions that boggle the mind and make us giggle. When we were a kid, why don't we ever ask what was wrong with Cinderella's foot, for example?
Without a doubt, the films that marked our childhood will never cease to fascinate us. We had a watching marathon of our favorite childhood movies today, and list fun facts about movies will show you some secrets that we definitely didn't notice when we were children.

#1 Ariel could write

Source: © Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

One significant fact that we couldn't ignore is that when Ariel signs the contract for Ursula, she writes her name in beautiful, perfect penmanship! However, throughout the film, she does not write a single note to Prince Eric, which is not prohibited by the agreement.

#2 Cinderella’s shoe size

Source: © Cinderella / Walt Disney Pictures and co-producers

We are attracted not only by the prince's love for a girl and his inability to remember her face well enough to go out and look for her himself. But we're also wondering how no one in the kingdom may share Cinderella's shoe size... truly a mystery.

#3 Donkey’s original story

Source: © Pinocchio / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers, © Shrek / DreamWorks Animation and co-producers

This film is filled with humorous references to famous children's stories. However, we had to mature a little to recognize that Donkey is most likely one of the children that were turned on the Island of Games portrayed in Pinocchio. That would explain his naughty attitude and ability to communicate.

#4 How fast Pocahontas learned English

Source: © Pocahontas / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

In theory, a person could learn a new language by studying at least 10 hours per day for 48 days. And since we never see Pocahontas study English, we can simply claim that we wish we possessed this princess's superhuman intelligence.

#5 How poorly undercover the agents were in Matilda

Source: © Matilda / TriStar Pictures and co-producers

No adult could help but wonder how a 5-year-old could recognize them so fast and arrange a distraction in such a short amount of time.
But, let's be honest, those two didn't bother to conceal themselves; they were nearly dressed like agents, complete with coats, suspenders, hats, and dark glasses. Furthermore, when investigating, they were overly blatant, with every possible cliché, including walkie-talkies. How could two FBI agents be so bad at their jobs?

#6 Mr. and Mrs. McFly’s amnesia

Source: © Back to the Future / Universal Pictures and co-producers

When Marty and Doc fix everything in Back to the Future, many things change for the McFly family, indicating that their intervention in the past has left significant impacts.

Source: © Back to the Future / Universal Pictures and co-producers

But they manage to make it so that neither George nor Lorraine have any memory of meeting their son in high school. And, while it's understandable that they called him Marty at Calvin Klein's suggestion, they never mention how much their son resembles him. Or do they simply prefer not to bring it up?

#7 Mulan doesn’t have the right fan and she has no fingernails

Source: © Mulan / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

Yes, you read that correctly... it piqued our interest to discover that neither Mulan, her father, nor General Shang have fingernails, but rather the Fa family's ancestors have.

Source: © Mulan / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

The type of fan she brings to her meeting with the matchmaker, on the other hand, is created in a manner that is well after her time. The savior of China shall wear a round silk one, known as tuánshàn in her country.

#8 Po’s father

Source: © Kung Fu Panda 3 / DreamWorks Animation and co-producers

We didn't have any doubts that Mr. Goose was Po's father when we were kids. But by the time Kung Fu Panda 3 came out and revealed the Dragon Warrior's true parents, we'd grown up and could only accept that it was apparent from the start. Nonetheless, Mr. Goose is one of the best and most caring fathers in an animated film.

#9 Tarzan and the lianas

fun facts about moviesSource: © Tarzan / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

Tarzan's skills from being raised by the monkeys appear to go beyond the laws of physics since he can grasp Jane with both hands while still holding on to the vine.

#10 The Bank of Evil in Despicable Me

fun facts about moviesSource: © Despicable Me / Universal Pictures and co-producers

Borrowing money as a child is completely strange to us, and to make the adults in the room laugh, even more, the Bank of Evil is captioned "Formerly Lehman Brothers," a banking association that failed during the 2008 Great Financial Crisis.

#11 The rogue bus driver in Hocus Pocus

fun facts about moviesSource: YouTube

The Sanderson sisters board the bus to continue the chase, and when Winifred notifies the driver that "they want children," he responds, "it may take a while, but I don't think it will be a problem."

#12 The singing vultures in The Jungle Book are inspired by the Beatles.

fun facts about moviesSource: © The Jungle Book / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers, © United Press International / DLindsley / Wikimedia, © CC0 1.0

You probably didn't notice when you were a kid, but these amusing characters not only have the same hairdo as the Liverpool quartet, but they also sing a lot like them. If you pay attention, you'll notice that Flaps is Paul McCartney, Ziggy is John Lennon, Buzzie is Ringo Starr, and Dizzy is George Harrison.
In truth, the Beatles sought to voice these characters for the 1967 production of the film, but this was not possible for unclear reasons. Years later, an attempt was made to get Paul and Ringo to participate in the live-action remake, but it did not work out.

#13 The speed at which the magic carpet flies

fun facts about moviesSource:

In the span of a single song, Aladdin and Jasmine travel across at least three nations, pass in front of the pyramids in Egypt, and finally sit down to watch the fireworks in China.
An internet user computed the approximate distance of their flight to be around 15,008.4 km, which means they would have had to fly at 1,876.05 km/h for 8 hours!

#14 The villain in The Hunchback of Notre Dame is just TOO evil.

fun facts about moviesSource: © The Hunchback of Notre Dame / Walt Disney Animation Studios and co-producers

We were surprised to see this Disney classic again, given it has one of the most terrible villains in children's film history. When Claude Frollo saw Quasimodo's baby face, he did not only try to hurl him into a well, but when he was captured, he determined to lock him up and spend the rest of his life mocking him and making him feel awful about his appearance.

#15 Where does Edward get ice from?

fun facts about moviesSource: © Edward Scissorhands / Twentieth Century Fox

After a bad experience living with people, Edward retreats to his castle and spends his time building ice sculptures, the leftovers of which make the snow that covers the town in the winter.
Everything is lovely, yet we're impressed: How did he obtain so much ice? Is his castle equipped with running water and a refrigerator? Did he abandon Kim, yet maintain contact with an ice salesman? We'll never find out.
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