9 Stars Who Were Already Filthy Rich Before Being Born

Numerous famous people rose from humble beginnings to achieve great success, while others were born into affluence. Some of these celebrities have been blessed with fortune for many generations, while others were brought up by parents who were quite successful in their own fields.
In either case, these celebrities have built their own path to financial success by capitalizing on their talents. Take a closer look at the the stars were rich before they were born to find out which of them came from families that already had some riches.

1. Lana Del Rey

the stars were rich before they were born, Lana Del ReySource: Getty Images

The singer's father is the self-made rich founder of Web Media Properties, a media and publishing organization that operates 8,000 specialized websites. In addition to that, he is the President and Chief Executive Officer of a real estate investment and brokerage organization.

2. Anderson Cooper

the stars were rich before they were born, Anderson CooperSource: Getty Images

Cornelius Vanderbilt, one of the wealthiest Americans of all time, made his fortune in shipping and railroads, and this broadcast journalist is his great-great-great-grandson. Gloria Vanderbilt, his mother, was an artist in many forms: she designed clothes, acted, and wrote books.

3. Adam Levine

the stars were rich before they were born, Adam LevineSource: Getty Images

The lead vocalist of Maroon 5 is the son of the man who established the store chain M. Fredric. Adam received his education at the prestigious and exceptionally pricey Brentwood School.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

the stars were rich before they were born, Gwyneth PaltrowSource: Getty Images

Her mother is also an actress, Blythe Danner, and her father directed and produced films and TV shows. Gwyneth attended the elite Crossroads School in Santa Monica, which boasts an impressive list of famous former students, as well as the Spence School, an all-girls private institution in Manhattan. Moviemaker Steven Spielberg is her godfather.

5. Rashida Jones

the stars were rich before they were born, Rashida JonesSource: Getty Images

Quincy Jones, the actor's dad, is a music mogul and composer. He's been named "one of the most influential jazz performers of the 20th century," and he's been nominated for an astounding 80 Grammys. Peggy Lipton, an actress, was her mother.

6. Cara Delevingne

the stars were rich before they were born, Cara DelevingneSource: Getty Images

The English model comes from a prestigious family with ties to the royal family. Her mother's side of the family includes a lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret and a knighted publishing tycoon. Her paternal grandmother belonged to an aristocratic family; her grandfather was a stockbroker and a friend of the then-Prince of Wales. Her dad was in the real estate business, and English actor Dame Joan Collins is her godmother.

7. Michelle Williams

the stars were rich before they were born, Michelle WilliamsSource: Getty Images

The actor's dad penned a ton of books about the stock market and commodities. With the help of his own custom market indicators, he was able to win the World Cup Trading Championship in 1987, increasing his initial investment of $10,000 to more than $1.1 million. He ran for Senate in Montana twice as a Republican but was unsuccessful both times.

8. Ariana Grande

the stars were rich before they were born, Ariana GrandeSource: Getty Images

Both of the singer's parents are successful businesspeople; her mom ran a communications company, and her dad started a design studio. She sang the national anthem at a Florida Panthers home game, where her parents were reportedly season ticket holders, all thanks to the money they had saved.

9. Edward Norton

the stars were rich before they were bornSource: Getty Images

Actor's grandfather was famous builder James Rouse. Indoor shopping mall pioneer, The Rouse Company, was founded in part by him.
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