4 Suggested Things To Do On World Animal Day 2022

In the 20th century, the global environment and biodiversity were taken seriously by many countries. Therefore, the idea of a World Animal Day was considered and discussed. October 4th is the official World Animal Day 2022, started in 1931 at the International Animal Protection Congress which took place in Florence, Italy. 
These are a few suggestions for what to do on this special day. 

#1. Binge-watching Your Favorite Animal Movies

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 There are a variety of animal movies which are either animations or live-actions. It is irresistible watching cute animals doing stuff on screen. Plus, animal movies are mostly meaningful and relatable. It does not matter how old you are, what you are into, these movies are for everyone’s taste.

#2. Visiting Animals At The Zoos/National Parks

4 Suggested Things To Do On The Annual World Animal Day 2022   2Source: San Francisco Chronicle

It is a great outdoor activity. Seeing the wild animals at these locations will definitely enrich your knowledge about the wildlife and also remind you to protect the animals/the environment. After all, our planet is a shared home for every species. Furthermore, volunteering at the zoos will also help you to get closer to these friends.

#3. Volunteering At The Animal Shelters

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Animal shelters are places that accommodate homeless animals, especially cats and dogs. Your World Animal Day 2022 will mean a lot to them and yourself while taking care of these poor animals. Afterwards, the closest animals to humans are these little friends. 

#4. Spending Time With Your Pets

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Have you ever gotten so busy that sometimes you feel like you do not take enough care of your furry roommate? You might take them out for a walk in the park, to the beach, to a salon for a groom, or simply spend more time with them than usual. This is so far the most simple thing you can do for your favorite animals. 
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