15 Baby Animals In The Zoo That Will Melt Your Heart

To start off your day with cuteness, we collect a series of aww-able photos of baby animals in the zoo. Please prepare yourself for the little buddies below!
There is a natural instinct for humans to fall in love immediately for babies, including baby animals. Their wide open eyes and small body parts are their most adorable features.  

#1. Baby Black Bear

15 Baby Animals In The Zoo That Will Melt Your Heart 1Source: ELLIOT ZIRULNIK

His mom abandoned him after he was born. Luckily, he was rescued and is now residing at Brevard Zoo, Florida. 

#2. Baby Giraffe

15 Baby Animals In The Zoo That Will Melt Your Heart 2Source: ELLIOT ZIRULNIK

His mother gave birth to him also in Brevard Zoo. Well he is damn good-looking and he knows it.

#3. Baby Squid

15 Baby Animals In The Zoo That Will Melt Your Heart 3Source: AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC

He is a striped pajama squid. Anyways, his strips are still growing and not really visible at the moment! He homes to Aquarium of the Pacific, South California.

#4. Baby Cheetah

15 Baby Animals In The Zoo That Will Melt Your Heart 4Source: GRAHM S. JONES

These twin cubs are born in IVF - in vitro fertilization. Notably, they are the world's first cheetah cubs made in the lab of Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Ohio.

#5. Baby Zebra

Source: DISNEY

She is seen with her mommy in Disney's Animal Kingdom, Florida. They look so heartwarming! 

#6. Baby Monkey


This one is a baby red-tailed monkey. Her birthplace and home is Houston Zoo, Texas.

#7. Baby Dolphin


This one of the most fascinating pictures of mother and baby animals in the zoo! This family are bottlenose dolphins living in SeaWorld Orlando, Florida.

#8. Baby Opossum 

Source: Daniel Avila

This cutie is peacefully sleeping in a zookeeper’s hands in NYC Parks.

#9. Baby Owl

Source: Julie Larsen Maher

A burrowing owlet is pictured with his parent in the sunlight in Queens Zoo, NYC. 

#10. Baby Otter

Source: Julie Larsen Maher

Look at those puppy eyes! Bronx Zoo, their home, was awarded for the living conditions of many species. Therefore, it is one of the best locations to see animals in the zoo in New York.

#11. Baby Fox

Source: Julie Larsen Maher

This fennec pup is among the smallest foxes on the planet. In contrast, they have the biggest ears compared to their faces and bodies. They live in Prospect Park Zoo, NYC.

#12. Baby Oryx 

Source: Staten Island Zoo

Reportedly extinct in the wild, this baby oryx was born thanks to the great effort of animal activists.

#13. Baby Sea Lion

Source: Julie Larsen Maher

These loveable cubs are hanging with their father in Bronx Zoo.

#14. Baby Monkey

Source: Julie Larsen Maher

A titi monkey always lives with their dad. They are the best fathers in the animal world. 

#15. Baby Penguin 

Source: Julie Larsen Maher

This blue penguin is exploring around his liveplace. They are among the smallest penguin species in size. 
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