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  1. #1. Guts Berserk Armor From A Fan
  2. #2. Guts Armor Cosplay - A Fan-Art MakeOver

Guts Berserk Armor And A Fan-Art JoJo's Makeover

To mark the comeback of the Berserk manga, a fan has created an amazing piece of fan art in which Guts and Guts Berserk Armor appear in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Digital artist Ark Nemesis creates a mesmerizing fan art creation in the style of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, reimagining Gut's iconic Berserker armor to celebrate the manga Berserk's unexpected reappearance.

#1. Guts Berserk Armor From A Fan

guts berserk armor The beloved comic among fans, The plot of Berserk follows the life of an orphan named Guts as he becomes one of the finest warriors in the world by surviving the "live or death" world of mercenaries. He makes friends with the mercenary leader, Griffith, and his right-hand man, Casca. The three of them had a lot of success together until Guts chose to go on his path.
When Guts returns, he finds that a lot has changed, and he must deal with the consequences. Even though author Kentaro Miura only occasionally updated the comic after its initial 1989 release, Berserk immediately gained a devoted fanbase. Fans were shocked to learn of Miura's death in 2021 while the series was on hiatus, and many wondered if the story would ever conclude as intended. The news from the manga's publishers earlier this month was even more unexpected: six new chapters would begin appearing in late June. Additionally, you may find the list of these strongest anime characters interesting. Check whether yours is on the list.

#2. Guts Armor Cosplay - A Fan-Art MakeOver

Guts Berserk Armor Source: Berserk Fandom
In a tweet published on June 9, 2022, artist Ark Nemesis portrayed Guts in the Berserker armor in their signature "JoJo style." Ark Nemesis explains that JoJo style, the art form popularized by the manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, is their favorite method of expression. Like Berserk, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a widely successful, long-running manga that has also gained its own tremendously passionate cult following. The distinctive style, developed by JoJo's creator Hirohiko Araki, has changed little over the manga's three decades in print, but it is still easy to recognize.
In the Guts picture, Araki's facial shape stands out among the many distinctive features of the JoJo style that Ark Nemesis faithfully recreates. Characteristics of this style include prominent cheekbones, wide eyes, fuller lips, and a tilted head. Ark Nemesis's design captures these qualities admirably, even giving the often "hardened" Guts countenance a refined, alluring air. The emphasis on fashion is another hallmark of Araki's work. When donned, Gut's Berserker armor transforms its wearer into an almost unstoppable force of devastation, channeling the wearer's inner demons to fuel the conflict.

Berserk Armor In JoJo Aesthetic

Guts Berserk ArmorArt Nemesis, on the other hand, adopts the JoJo aesthetic to tone down the harsher elements of Berserk by, for starters, switching the design from a dark gray to a brighter, more approachable yellow. Additionally, the illustration depicts a green scarf of several textures and thicknesses that pairs well with the armor. It looks more like something a fashion model would wear than a weapon a slayer would use. But in typical JoJo fashion, it succeeds in fusing the harshness of Berserk with the gentler tones of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
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