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  1. #1. Who Is The Strongest Anime Character 2022? Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

Who Is The Strongest Anime Character Of All Time?

Combat-focused anime often end up being among the most popular and economically successful, even though anime can convey a vast range of stories and the affordances of animation allow anime to tackle just about any fiction genre. Due to the prevalence of violent scenes in anime, discussions regarding who is the strongest anime character are typical among fans. Of course, this debate is continually evolving, with more anime being shown than ever and fan-favorite protagonists always being given advantages.
Though it's difficult to predict who would emerge victorious in a confrontation, it is possible to order the most powerful anime characters at their peak. These stand out among the most formidable among the canon of anime characters.

#1. Who Is The Strongest Anime Character 2022? Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters 2022

10. Mob - Mob Psycho 100

strongest anime characterSource: Mob Psycho 100

Mob is an ultra-powerful esper who can demolish everything with a mind. His powers are so strong that he must tame his emotions. If he feels something too strongly or falls unconscious, he can unleash natural disaster-level powers. His talents are impossible to guard against, and their strength makes even the strongest psychics buckle.

9. Eren Yeager - Attack on Titan

strongest anime characterSource: Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager can transform into a 15-meter Titan with remarkable regeneration abilities. With the power of the Founding Titan inside him, he can lead legions of Titans. Using this skill, he may destroy entire nations by commanding thousands of 50-meter Titans. This makes Eren one of the strongest anime characters.

8. Isaac Netero - Hunter x Hunter

strongest anime characterSource: Hunter x Hunter

Isaac Netero is one of anime's strongest martial artists and former Hunter Association head. Netero got incredible speed and strength via training meant to kill him. If those fail, he can summon a giant karate god that can destroy everything and stop the most durable adversaries. He has a bit devastating bomb implanted in his chest to annihilate whoever kills him and poison anyone who survives the blast.

7. Jotaro Kujo - JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

strongest anime characterSource: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jotaro Kujo is the primary protagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. He's smart and tough and can counter anyone who fights him. Star Platinum permits him to pause time and strike adversaries with incredibly strong blows within and outside of frozen time. This approach can kill everyone who opposes him.

6. Simon - Gurren Lagann Stands 6th In List Of Strongest Anime Characters

Source: Gurren Lagann

Simon, a humble earthling, uses spiral strength to destroy his huge mech. Simon commands a galactic-sized mech that can rip reality apart and destroy anything in his way. This metaphysics-bending warrior is nearly invincible and can destroy the cosmos if he chooses. Only those who can destroy universes can defeat him.

5. Kaguya Otsutsuki - Naruto

Source: Naruto

Naruto is considered the most powerful character in his anime, but he can't destroy this foe alone. Kaguya is one of Naruto's most powerful villains and the most powerful woman in anime. Kaguya visits Earth to take the God Tree's fruit. Her plan to unite people via fear worked. Even Naruto's shinobi would be scared of a being who can read minds, modify memories, travel through space, and control the elements. She can cure herself after eating the God Tree's fruit, making her practically indestructible.

4. Tetsuo Shima - Akira

Source: Akira

A collision with another psychic awakens Tetsuo Shima's psychic powers in Akira. Soon, his abilities could destroy the universe. Before that can happen, he warps outside reality, and his psychic explosion creates a new universe. Tetsuo is a strong anime character because he can create and destroy reality.

3. Zeno - Dragon Ball Super Deserves To Be The Strongest Anime Character

Source: Dragon Ball Super

Son Goku is the strongest Dragon Ball character, but he can't control reality. Zeno rules all realities in Dragon Ball Super and can create and destroy everything at once. The childlike deity has absolute power and can wipe everyone and anything. He is an all-powerful god who dominates space and time with youthful exuberance. He destroys realities for fun and treats galaxies like marbles. This deity can only be beaten by one anime character.

2. Kyubey - Madoka Magica

Source: Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica's Kyubey represents entropy or the universe's heat death. He's almighty, immortal, and wants to destroy everything. Despite not being physically strong, he manipulates people and reality to continue the cycle of devastation that will destroy all matter. Kyubey will destroy anything that exists, and there's no escape. His power is oblivion, and few anime characters can withstand it.

1. Saitama - One Punch Man Is The Strongest Anime Character

strongest anime characterSource: One Punch Man

Saitama is the strongest anime character. Even with new anime every month, no one beats him. One Punch Man's protagonist is already the strongest person, unlike other combat anime. He can resist any blow and defeat any enemy with a single strike after three years of training. The series tackles the emptiness that follows achieving a longtime goal. Saitama is the most powerful anime character because pursuing strength or a goal is more rewarding than retaining a position.
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