What Are 5 Unique Animals In Australia?

Australia is an isolated continent in the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, there are many strange and cute animals living in this country.
In this article, we will help you answer the question “What are 5 unique animals in Australia?”

#1. Lyrebird

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What are 5 unique animals in Australia? This is a uniquely beautiful bird species that are native to Australia. Their most notable ability is to mimic any sounds from the surrounding environments. Whether it is human speech or a sound of a flying cam and other birds’ sounds, these birds can duplicate perfectly. Apparently, they kind of resemble Indian peacocks with a long and impressive tails. 

#2. Quoll

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The quoll is a rare carnivorous marsupial animal species. A quoll looks like a combination of a cat and a rat with a stocky body, pointy pink nose and round ears. Moreover, its coat looks unique with many white random dots. Its teeth are sharp enough to munch on birds, reptiles and small mammals.

#3. Tree Kangaroo

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The Kangaroo is really common, even to the extent that it is the symbolic animal for Australia itself. Otherwise, tree kangaroos are rather less seen. They live mostly on trees in the rainforests of this country. Their hands and feet are more adaptive to climbing and switching between branches more than hopping on the ground. 

#4. Dingo 

Source: YaleNews

The dingo is a mysterious dog species. Even though they are found mainly in Australia, the origin of this breed is still controversial. Anyways, many agreed that they initiated from Asia 18,000 years ago when Asia and Australia were still linked by land bridges. A dingo might be active, intelligent and spunky.

#5. Tasmanian Devil

Source: BBC

Do not let their name fool you. This species has an adorable look, but their sounds are something different. They growl and scream frighteningly. Being the largest carnivorous marsupials, Tasmanian devils share some similarities to quolls. is your daily source of funny stories and Entertainment news. Make sure to not miss any of our daily updates on the weirdest and cutest animals also.
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