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  1. #1. What Exactly Is Olaf's Height?
  2. #2. Olaf's Height And Elsa Height

What Is Olaf's Height Compared To Elsa?

So what exactly is Olaf's height as fans were shocked to learn, after the release of Frozen 2, that Olaf is just 5 feet, 4 inches tall, according to the Frozen Wiki, whereas Elsa is almost 11 feet tall. Olaf, voiced by Josh Gad in both films, is a comical companion to Anna and Elsa and the protagonist of both Olaf's Frozen Adventure and the forthcoming Once Upon a Snowman. The standout tracks "In Summer" and "When I'm Older" and Olaf's irreverent, existential humor rapidly made him a fan favorite.

#1. What Exactly Is Olaf's Height?

olaf's height Source: Disney
The snowman may have a larger-than-life demeanor, but he is not even 5'4" in height. In Frozen, Olaf is brought to life by Elsa and then found by Anna and Kristoff in the woods. From Olaf's first impromptu phrase in Frozen to his rapid-fire reenactments of the events of Frozen in Frozen 2, the snowman serves mostly as comedic relief. During Frozen 2, Olaf's offhand observation about how water retains memories is vital to the plot. Olaf's Frozen Adventures, a short film about the lovable snowman, premiered before Coco.

Olaf Height Cm Is Around 81

olaf's heightElsa would be the tallest person in Arandelle if the Frozen Wiki's accurate entry about Olaf's height. After realizing the discrepancy, Twitter users figured out Elsa's height by using Olaf's 5-foot 4-inch stature ", only to find that the figures didn't add up. Unless the people of Arandelle are enormous, Olaf being 5'4" is simply not feasible. Frozen's official wiki states that Elsa is 5 feet and 7 inches tall ". Since Olaf is depicted in the films as being about as tall as Elsa's half, that would make him around 2 feet, eight inches tall ", which is more faithful to his look in the Frozen movies.

#2. Olaf's Height And Elsa Height

olaf's height

Elsa Height In Cm Is 170

Frozen's co-director and co-writer Jennifer Lee was forced to reply to fans' outrage over Olaf's stature via Twitter. To clarify, Lee remarked, "if it said 3'4" I'd buy it... " when asked if he believed the Frozen Wiki's listing of Olaf's height was an error. I may be slightly off, but not by more than a foot." Anna is 5'5" tall, which Lee also stated in the same tweet, and Elsa is 5'7" tall, which would corroborate Elsa's height in the Frozen Wiki and put Olaf's height somewhere around 3 feet. If Elsa is eleven feet tall, then Olaf must be just two and six inches ". Moreover, if you are a fan of Disney princesses, you may find the list of these hottest princesses interesting.
Fans of the Frozen franchise argued because someone claimed the snowman was taller than five feet. Anna and Elsa are about the same height in both Frozen Movies.and Olaf's Frozen Adventure. Olaf seems to be about half the size of Anna and Elsa. It's safe to conclude that Olaf is around half Elsa's height, and the ice queen from Frozen 2 is about average height, so the article in the Frozen Wiki was either a joke or a typo.
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