9 Hottest Disney Princes - Ranked: From The "Wow" To "Nope"

To be honest, it's hard to choose the hottest Disney princes as they're all so charming. But I know you're here because you want to.
So let's figure out who are the 9 Hottest Disney Princes in all Disney movies

1. Aladdin-Aladdin

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It's not surprising when Aladin comes first on the list. One of the well-known Disney princes, Aladdin serves as the title character of the studio's 1992 animated feature film of the same name. He spent a lot of his early years begging for food and dodging guards with his companion monkey Abu. Aladdin was a typically upbeat, cheerful, and endearing character. He has such a warm heart and polite gestures which make our hearts warm too.

2. Flynn Ryder-Tangled 

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Flynn gained notoriety as a notorious thief. But after falling in love with Rapunzel, the missing princess of Corona, he had a change of heart. Flynn is of average height with an athletic build and fair skin, short dark brown hair, and light brown eyes. Just look at him to know how attractive he is.

3. The Beast-Beauty and the Beast

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The Beast is ranked higher than the rest on this list because of his hot heart and adorable human form—especially given that his clothing is torn, wet, and other things. That actually put a little damper on the attractiveness.

4. Prince Eric-The Little Mermaid

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 He'd definitely be one of those tough, outdoorsy guys trying to talk you into going camping, And even though you pretended to dislike it, you actually found his enthusiasm to be endearing, and the way he introduces to you many activities you never would have expected to find enjoyable. That's really romantic, for sure.

5. Kristoff-Frozen

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Kristoff is a made-up animated character from the Frozen series created by Walt Disney Animation Studios. He's quite a calm, warm and honest man. That actually makes him score a high point on this list. He assists Princess Anna of Arendelle in finding her older sister Elsa on the North Mountain despite enjoying a solitary existence.

6. Li Shang-Mulan

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Li Shang is tall, strong, and also a real soldier who fights a lot in battle other than just being a prince with a handsome face, gorgeous hair, living in the castle. Li Shang features are demonstrated with muscle, sharp eyes and bravery. It’s easy to understand why Mulan falls for her captain!

7. Prince Charming-Cinderella

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Prince Charming is a typical, traditional type of prince in our mind,  but he is quite "perfect" and sometimes, not real. And, it may be silly to use A SHOE to find your true love? But he's still cute, though. It's unnecessary to put him to the last position on the list.

8. Prince Florian-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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He’s generally attractive but may be he’s too "bright" sometimes. He doesn’t have much personality. We know we shouldn’t judge him by the modern animation standards, but it puts him on the more unappealing end of the prince spectrum.

9. Gaston-Beauty and the Beast

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We can not deny that Gaston is physically attractive. However, he has low self-esteem with high patriarchal mindset. He doesn't believe women should read and doesn't see much point in his reading, either. He values his own brute strength over emotions or intelligence. That's reason why he is the last person on this list.
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