2 Special Mammal Animals That Lay Eggs | 

All mammals give birth to their babies, including Australian marsupials. Except for these two animals that lay eggs: the platypus and the anteater.

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#1. The Platypus

2 Special Mammal Animals That Lay Eggs | 1Source: Britannica

They are native to the Australian continent. A platypus almost looks like an otter with a distinct duck bill and 4 webbed feet, which help it to swim and dive under the water. There is another similarity between a duck and a platypus that they both are animals that lay eggs. Despite being a mammal, it shares many characteristics in common to bird species. Studies show that in the evolution of this species, several bird genes were preserved, resulting in its special features and breeding. They are a link in bird species becoming mammalian species.

#2. The Spiny Anteater

2 Special Mammal Animals That Lay Eggs |  2Source: Pinterst

There are 4 species in this family that are animals that lay eggs. Their habitats are on the islands of Oceania and Australia. They are related to the anteaters that live in the Americas. Their appearance is close to the hedgehog with bodies covered by coarse hair and spines. A spiny anteater also carries venom like a platypus to protect themselves from predators. Thanks to their long and narrow mouths, they consume mostly ants, other small insects and worms sometimes. 

#3. The Conservation

2 Special Mammal Animals That Lay Eggs |  3Source: World Atlas

The conservation of these mammals is essential. They are great examples of biodiversity on the planet. Their existence means a lot to wildlife and Evolutionism. Every species on earth started from something different from what it is today. Therefore, it is very vital to protect their homes which are also our planet. 

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