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  1. #.1 Top 9 Of Hundreds Funny Youtube Videos 2022

9 Funny Youtube Videos That Make You Laugh All Day

Although everyone has their own unique sense of humor, there are some things that everyone can agree are hilarious. These are some of our favorite videos to watch on YouTube to cheer us up when we're feeling depressed. Perhaps you have further suggestions? If not, consider our this funny youtube videos list below
Every single one is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud, yet some are extremely well-known while others have fallen below the radar in recent years. Below is the list of the nine most hilarious youtube videos collected by us.

#.1 Top 9 Of Hundreds Funny Youtube Videos 2022

1. American politics

Source: Youtube

As a freshman in college, I was devastated when this film was played for our public speaking class. Every time he exits the podium, he does it so comically that I had to chuckle. Small hand gestures, a voice crack, and a gradual change into a cross between Chris Farley's Matt Foley and an enraged Bill Murray all contribute to the impression.

2. John Cena prank

Source: Youtube

This is one famous prank call, with the PPV cost going up, the matches getting ever more ludicrous (including a spit-swapping makeout match), and the inclusion of the John Cena theme.

3. I saw you dancing! - Funny Youtube videos

Source: Youtube

To add to the comedy, he dances to Kanye West's "Touch the Sky" during the performance. It's good that he fell on his face since he managed to perfect the dancing move he was going for.

4. Not the best thing though!

Source: Youtube

When I think of epically tragic final lines from fail videos, "See, now it's secured in place" immediately.

5. An artist named Bat - Funny Youtube Videos

Source: Youtube

It's the way he attempts to get back in the game after it's already landed on him. Also, similar to Spider-Man, he's about to undergo a metamorphosis into Bat-Bro. A guitar-playing superhero seems like a natural progression from the Man-Bat concept.

6. Laughter can be infectious

Source: Youtube

It's too unbelievable to watch the man slowly crack. Despite his cohost's best efforts to cover for him, I love how you can still see that he's trying to keep it together.
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7. Oh his butt!
funny youtube videos Youtube
While the fall appears rather painful, the sight of him sliding around on his knees in the aftermath gets to me. I have no idea why they felt it was so flimsy that it could be snapped.

8. Defying your brain? Consequences come right after that

Source: Youtube

This video also made an appearance on my compilation of relatable sports fails. Among my favorites, for sure; does that mean I'll recycle it if I have to? Yes, without a doubt.

9. Sarah, help me!
funny youtube videos
Since Max thinks that the water is too deep, it stands to reason that he will ask Sarah for assistance.
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