5 Facts You May Not Know About Disney Princes

Disney’s most iconic movies are usually focused on female leads such as princesses and queens. Therefore audiences tend to forget about Disney Princes who only take supporting roles in the plots.

Now let’s get to know more about them with these amazing facts!

#1. Before becoming princes, these two guys were…thieves

disney princes

Those guys are Aladdin and Eugune, from “Aladdin” and “Tangled” respectively. Before ending up with their princess, they had the same difficulties in making a living. But things changed since they met the girls of their lives. They both saved them and eventually lived happily together! So if you’re struggling with your lives, don’t give up. Keep trying again and again until you meet the princess of your live!

#2. How many Disney Princes movies are there?

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“Aladdin” is the only movie with the lead being a male character. In every other movie that we have seen so far, the princess is always the main character such as “Snow White”, “Cinderella”, “Beauty and the Beast”... This is reasonable because this kind of fairy tale is enjoyable for girls who always dream of their Prince Charming. But nowadays, since gender equality is taken more seriously, we expect to see more Disney fairy tale movies with male leads whether they are princes or not. Fans also demand Disney to build more characters and stories for princes in their movies because most of the times they just do nothing and show up at the last part of the movies.

#3. Who is the hottest Disney Prince?

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Li Shang from “Mulan” is believed to be one of the hottest Disney Princes ever! He’s tall, strong, and also a real soldier who fights a lot in battle other than just being a prince with a pretty face, gorgeous hair, living in the castle. Li Shang features are demonstrated with muscle, sharp eyes and bravery. It’s easy to understand why Mulan falls for her captain! Another fun fact that Li Shang is considered bisexual who has feelings for man diguised Mulan!

#4. What do Disney Princes in real life look like? 

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Remaking iconic animation into live-action movies is a trend within Disney lately. With technology and modern production, Disney is literally bringing fairy tales to life. Every time there’s a freshly-announced live-action project, it becomes a hot topic everywhere on social media. Until now we have seen Prince Phillips from “Maleficent” (remake of Sleeping Beauty), Prince Adam from “Beauty and the Beast”, Aladdin from “Aladdin”, Prince Charming from “Cinderella” and Li Shang from “Mulan”. In the future, there are a lot more to anticipate since Disney is already in the making of many new live-action remakes.

#5. A Disney Princess without a prince partner?

Although it looks like every princess needs a prince but not Merida from “Brave”. Merida is a strong, independent princess who could work it out every time without a man’s help. Anyways it demonstrates precisely her movie title “Brave”. Furthermore this movie is more about family and relationships between family members, adding a prince is not a must for this movie.

These are little fun facts to get to know more about our Disney Princes. If you want to know more fun facts about movies, celebrities, games or stories, visit our page / to keep updated!

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