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  1. Top 9 Favorite Harry Potter Teachers

9 Most Beloved Harry Potter Teachers, Ranked

A quick perusal of Harry Potter fans will reveal some lively discussion among Harry Potter fans over the merits of certain teachers. For example, when it comes to choosing their Harry Potter teachers, some viewers focus on the character's personality, while others value the teacher's skill in the classroom, and yet others value the relationship between the instructor and the students.
Lots of fans' opinions are used to determine the order of the entries depending on the number of votes received for each individual educator. Fans can vote for as many different instructors as they choose, and their votes will be counted for each one. Dolores Umbridge, unsurprisingly, did not even crack the top ten.

Top 9 Favorite Harry Potter Teachers

9. Albus Dumbledore - Headmaster

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Wulfric Albus Brian Dumbledore is a series mainstay. He appears in all seven books and all eight movies, except Deathly Hallows: Part 1. In Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore teaches Harry about Voldemort's background. Favorite teacher: "Ravingravenclaw says, "Dumbledore is mine." We just watched Harry's lessons, but I like discussion-based learning. Particularly theory and research." Dumbledore taught Harry there about Horcruxes and how to destroy Voldemort. Others praised Dumbeldore's kindness. Dumbledore has friendship wisdom.

8. Pomona Sprout - Herbology

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Professor Sprout teaches herbology in six books. Miriam Margoyles appears in two movies. Sprout's strategy of what kids learn and when is practical and thorough." She's fair with points. She also supported Neville's class aptitude." Professor Sprout's generosity and encouragement impressed fans. Despite her cheerful attitude, she fought heroically during the Battle of Hogwarts.

7. Rubeus Hagrid - Care of Magical Creatures

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In Prisoner of Azkaban, Hagrid teaches Care of Magical Creatures at Hogwarts. The "Hagrid... his lessons were unique and fascinating. He enjoyed learning with his students. His Hippogriff, Niffler, and Unicorn lessons were underappreciated." Hagrid is a knowledgeable and compassionate friend to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. He's Hogwarts' "gentle giant."

6. Severus Snape - Potions Is One Of The Most Impressive Harry Potter Teachers

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Many admirers chose Professor Snape, another mean-but-knowledgeable teacher. Alan Rickman effectively portrayed Snape in the films. He was a very good teacher as he had s****y ways of doing things, but he always wanted to teach." Fans called Snape's supporters abusive. For his potions classes or personal story, Snape received enough votes to place 5th.

5. Mad-Eye Moody

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TheFeury remarked that Moody taught Harry how to withstand the Imperius curse. TheFeury provides a quote from Dean Thomas' Order of the Phoenix regarding Crouch; "He's crazy, right? We learned plenty." Fans believe that despite the teacher's bad character, they were good at teaching. Four books and three Movies,feature Moody. Gleeson plays Mad-Eye. David Tennant, a British actor, plays Crouch in a small role.

4. Horace Slughorn - Potions

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The last two books and two movies include Horace Slughorn. He's not rude to poor pupils. They just don't earn awards, which would motivate me to strive better. Friendly and talented." Some fans accuse Slughorn of favoritism, but others praise his passion and support for his students. He protected students and professors during the Battle of Hogwarts.

3. Filius Flitwick - Charms

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Many consider Professor Flitwick, the Charms teacher, the best Hogwarts professor. He allowed his students to play games. He was fair when Harry was picked for the Triwizard Tournament. Many supporters praised Flitwick's generosity and patience with his students. Fans said Charms would be a pleasant, easy class.

2. Remus Lupin - Harry Potter Teachers

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Lupin was the third Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in the series. David Thewlis plays Lupin in five movies and four books. He supports his students, is kind, knows what he's teaching, and is fun. After Sirius, Lupin is Harry's second father figure. He's brave despite his werewolfism. Lupin has numerous wise quotes.

1. Minerva McGonagall

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Minerva McGonagall teaches transfiguration and is Hogwarts' deputy headmistress. In "Harry Potter," Eagling remarks McGonagall's class is exemplary. This overview reflects most McGonagall supporters' opinions. Fans praise McGonagall's teaching ability and how she cares for her students. McGonagall's role in Deathly Hallows is notable.
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