20 Fascinating Things That Will Totally And Completely Blow Your Mind

It's a big world we are living in. Throughout history, humans have always been looking for new adventures to explore this world. And yet, after hundreds, thousands of years, we still cannot say that we have been to every corner on this planet. Those high mountain ranges are still lying beyond our reach. Life at the bottom of the ocean remains a mystery to us all. Many things are still out there waiting to be discovered. And the question here is when and how.
Even though we actively seek the new, it doesn't always end with a promising result.  However, people can have pretty amazing discoveries when they expect almost nothing. Have you ever seen a 100-year-old dollar bill? Or, do you know that pineapple can be pink? Below is a gallery of fascinating things people found that will totally and completely blow your mind. Let's get prepared and scroll down to check them out!

#1 This is what it looks like when your entire bottle of glue dries before you can use it:

Source: TrizziePie

#2 Zoos have emergency snake bite alarms for, well, emergency snake bites:

Source: VariousGnomes

#3 This is what a dollar bill from 100 years ago looks like:

Source: cosmicmoods

#4 If you take all the cookie dough from your cookie dough ice cream and bake it, it'll look a lot like this:

Source: DoodleTM

#5 One of the largest words in the English language is, well, this:

Source: Swiftythelegofox

#6 Some planes let you have a poo with a view:

Source: MaximumEngineering8

#7 This is what a legal bottle of cocaine looked like:

Source: vomitonmeplease

#8 This is what the first page of Harry Potter looks like in Scots:

Source: Juggertrout

#9 You can save a loooooot of money by visiting your local library:

Source: banoctopus

#10 Pink pineapples exist:

Source: EddiOS42

#11 In 1950, you could go to the hospital for $7.50:

Source: Kytothelee

#12 Maple leafs can be very, very, very, very, very tiny:

Source: bukunothing

#13 This is what is inside a cheap baseball:

Source: Jamchampnate2000

#14 This is the distribution of letters in your standard Scrabble set:

Source: theworldsaplayground

#15 In addition to the original (Nic Cage voice) Declaration of Independence, a bunch of copies were made and sent to other places. Here's what one of those copies looks like:

Source: Slap_Duck_07

#16 When chickens don't get enough calcium, their eggs turn wrinkly:

Source: missingrussian

#17 This is what a counterfeit 50 dollar bill looks like compared to a real one:

Source: actualseaurchin

#18 This is what a pack of century-old crayons look like:

Source: voice_in_the_woods

#19 Human touch can really be a doozy:

Source: Mr_Killface

#20 Zimbabwe used to have 20 trillion dollar bills:

Source: Hos_In_Chi_Minh

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