These Cool Moms And Dads Deserve An Award For Their Neat Parenting

We can never fully understand how hard it is to be parents, at least until we become parents ourselves. The dedication and effort parents put into their children are respectable. From the moment a child is still in their mother's womb until when they are fully grown and able to survive on their own, their parents never, at any given moment, stop looking after them. So, treasure any moment you can be with your parents, and be grateful.
Even though parenting is not an easy task at all, parents always try their best to make it enjoyable, for them and their children both. Those pressure and constant hardship cannot defeat them. On the other hand, they bloom into the coolest parents for their kids. Yes, when you're assigned new responsibility, you'll change to adapt. And here, to celebrate the wonderful side of parenthood, we would like to show you a gallery of awesome parenting moments that you'll surely love. Scroll down to check them out!

#1 Taking off those shoes so they won't stain the seat

Source: dromb

#2 When your childhood is definitely over:

Source: emin177

#3 “My dad was going through old photos recently and found this picture of me on Halloween dressed as Michelangelo. My mom made this costume from scratch”

Source: Gs1000g

#4 “My girlfriend’s father made this table for us”

Source: luckydice1224

#5 This mother cares about other passengers

Source: LordSoulThif

#6 Just a father and his boy having dinner

Source: FFloorLimit

#7 “My son has a new knitted beard!”

Source: BeerdedBear

#8 A father doing everything he can to feed his child

Source: Buxler

#9 They’re unbeatable!

Source: staruxa111

#10 “My mom made my siblings and I blankets made out of my dad’s T-shirts soon after he passed away”

Source: Liv_NB

#11 “My mother made me the 2-year-old outfit and the 39-year-old outfit”

Source: Sluggerknuckles

#12 “My father made it for me as a high school graduation gift”

Source: phuhuutin

#13 “Year 1 of the Halloween family costume...I somehow convinced the girls that being a princess wasn’t cool and dressing up with Mom and Dad as Oompa-Loompas would be fun!”

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#14 A fitting slogan

Source: vk26stav

#15 “It’s nice to be with Mom, but Dad is more interesting"

Source: BublikKatya

#16 “Just a normal Friday night with my 56-year-old parents...”

Source: shourtneypants

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