Evidence That Shows The Very, Very Dumb Side Of Kids

Kids are fascinating creatures. They are occasionally smart, usually weird, and, most of the time, silly. Yes, every once in a while, parents are amazed to witness their little one make a playful, witty remark out of the blue. Still, more often, we are entertained by children's unexpected and strange reactions. Their minds must work differently from ours, right? And the last one, children are wild. Like, they don't have so much inside their heads, so it's reasonable to see them act uncontrollably and quite silly most of the time.
We all used to be kids. We've all done embarrassing things that we would regret later in life. That's a part of our childhood. And well, it's nearly impossible to get angry because those little pranksters play so innocently. Instead, people take pictures of the times their children mess up so that they'll have proof for later. Below are some images of children being children, in the truest way. Let's scroll down to check them out!

#1 Mother in stitches'

Source: EldestGriever0219

#2 Vampire-proof lotion

Source: k2yip

#3 This image is so painful

Source: hoxhaist_pingu

#4 The little guy was sick of his sh*t

Source: shashank1706

#5 This is my morning so far…

Source: sarahsprimalkitchen

#6 From Twitter, Apparently Pineapples are a new job

Source: EnterprisingKen

#7 Hmmmmmmm

Source: Majestic-Priority571

#8 200 IQ

Source: microwaved_berry

#9 Drake tries to tell a kid to stop smoking on Instagram and gets this response

Source: chicken_wooby

#10 YT shorts in a nutshell

Source: Jameski0425

#11 Seems reasonable

Source: MediocreAd4418

#12 That's savage

Source: Jameski0425

#13 Mom wasn't happy about this one

Source: Reddit

#14 Nobody's going to know. How will they know?

Source: MadMasterMad

#15 So it’s not real?

Source: Reddit

#16 This is one of my parents' favorite stories

Source: jdoc10

#17 Not my proudest moment. All I wanted was a toy train

Source: albinochicken89

#18 This ominous birthday card (it wasn't her birthday)

Source: Reddit

#19 Those poor people in the boats

Source: cj3458

#20 But I stopped the fight

Source: they-call-me-mayo

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