16 Little Things That Shake Hands With Our Fantasy To Play Tricks On Us

The human brain is incredible in all aspects. Up until now, we still cannot fully understand its abilities. You'll be surprised to know that 1,2kg of fat and protein is able to create art masterpieces, design constructions that last for millennia, and take humanity to outer space. To achieve such feats, we must thank our imagination, our fantasy. Without this ability to create new things from old stuff, our society can hardly move forward at such an impressive pace as we are now.
Our imagination is a powerful tool but also tricky to use. Many times, our imagination takes over our perception before our consciousness can, resulting in hilarious assumptions. Like when we encounter something strange or intelligible, our fantasy plays first to help us guess the possible explanation for that thing. And, based on each person's experience, their fantasy can shapeshift to create hilarious illusions. Let's check out the lít below to see the times when people get tricked by their own fantasies.

#1 I took the tray out of the fridge and almost jumped because I thought that there was a snail sitting there. Turned out they were regular chili peppers.

Source: Mother_Daikon4852

#2 My nephew played me very cleverly at hiding and seek. He is already posing at my request

Source: NOCHNOY_

#3 Walking around Dublin, I found a parrot. Or rather, a chip on the wall, which is very similar to a parrot.

Source: samfringo

#4 I feel like I’m doing something wrong because even the box condemns me

Source: PaintChipsAndSalsa

#5 I don’t wear grass pants, this is a reflection

Source: Flimsy_Researcher

#6 Last night the coffee spilled and froze. It looks like a fantasy world map now. The amazing thing is that this puddle is completely flat

Source: romero3500

#7 Didn’t know there were dogs longer than dachshunds

Source: nwa747

#8 The headless horseman got tired of constantly riding a horse and came to listen to a concert

Source: loverofmosthings

#9 Something tells me these guys are up to no good

Source: tyap41790

#10 A sandstorm turned my city in Spain into this. It’s like I’m looking at the world in sunglasses

Source: Unique-Win7132

#11 What a friendly guy. I even felt sorry for eating it

Source: Awkwardlyhugged

#12 These crazy eyes are screaming that we need to get out of here as soon as possible

Source: drunkenf

#13 Pepper seems to be very happy that I chose him today

Source: NyPoster

#14 This print is not from my ear at all, but from my knee

Source: misterkevfang

#15 Returning home at night, I saw a wet footprint that looks like a girl looking up

Source: TheRealJayk0b

#16 A young customer came into our store today and built a fort out of cheese

Source: coyote357

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