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  1. #1. 12 Titans Greek Mythology And Their Powers
  2. #2. Who Is The Most Powerful Titan God?
  3. #3. Is There A God Of Titans In AOT?

God Of Titan: Is There A Titan God In AOT? |

Powerful creatures known as the Titan Gods once dominated the world thousands of years ago. They were eternal giants of unimaginable might and wisdom who resided on Mount Othrys.
Scroll down to have comprehensive information about the 12 Greek Titans and their special powers, and then have an answer to a pretty complicated question "Is there a God of Titan in AOT?"

#1. 12 Titans Greek Mythology And Their Powers

god of titan 12 Titans Greek Mythology And Their Powers
  • Oceanus: Titan God Of The Sea & Water
  • Thetis: Titan Goddess Of Fresh Water
  • Hyperion: Titan God Of Light & Observation ┬áThea: Titan Goddess Of The Sun & Light
  • Coeus: Titan God Of The Oracles, Wisdom, And Foresight
  • Phoebe: Titan Goddess Of Prophecy & Intellect
  • Crius: Titan God Of Constellations
  • Mnemosyne: Titan Goddess Of Memory
  • Iapetus: Titan God Of Mortal Life Or God Of Death
  • Themis: Titan Goddess Of Law, Order, And Justice
  • Cronus: Titan Ruler of the Universe
  • Rhea: Titan Goddess Of Fertility

#2. Who Is The Most Powerful Titan God?

Top 3 Most Power Greek Titans


god of titanThea, the Titaness of the Sun and Light, was the sister of Hyperion, the Titan of Light. Through their union, Helios (the Sun), Selene (the Moon), and Eos were born (the dawn). He was also one of the brothers that assisted in Uranus, their father, being castrated.


nullAs his name implies, Atlas was the second-most powerful and the strongest of all the titans who have ever existed. He was a top general under Cronus. Zeus took him into custody and sentenced him to carry the sky for a long time.


nullTime was entirely under Cronus's control. He was the newest titan of the first generation, yet due to his destructive prowess, he ascended to King of the Titans. His son, Zeus, later banished him into Tartarus after he had led his siblings in the ambush and castration of their father, Uranus.

#3. Is There A God Of Titans In AOT?

After two millennia and more than a hundred generations, Ymir had attained an unimaginable level of power. The mysterious mystery surrounding her ascent, willful submission, and ultimate surrender had made her the actual God of Titans, from whom all others descended.

Is Founding Titan God?

god of titan Founding Titan
One of the Nine Titans, who each have a portion of Ymir's soul, is the Founding Titan. There are several ideas about how Ymir acquired the power of the Founding Titan, but the precise sequence of events is unknown. According to the creationist (or Eldian) account, Ymir received the management of the Founding Titan from God.
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