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The Best Chainsaw Man Characters |

The best characters from the manga adaptation of Chainsaw Man are listed below. Since the anime hasn't yet been released (with its potential differences), we'll only use the manga as the source.
You will learn a little about the characters, allowing you to understand why we ranked them the way we did. Scroll down to see the top 4 best Chainsaw Man characters voted by fans.

#1. The 4 Best Chainsaw Man Characters

4. Chainsaw Man Himeno

chainsaw man characters chainsaw man himeno
Himeno, who is currently Denji's mentor in the series, was once a demon hunter and a member of the Makima Squad. He was also Aki Hayakawa's first "buddy" or mentor/teacher. She also acted as one of Denji's bodyguards when the Gun Devil's life-threatening activities sharply intensified.
Chainsaw Man Himeno was a skilled hand-to-hand fighter who had experience hunting demons. He could kill and compete with numerous devils and easily defeated Kobeni in simulated battle. Himeno gave her eye to the Ghost demon in exchange for a little amount of its strength, which nonetheless allowed her to battle exceedingly effectively.

3. Denji

Chainsaw Man, Denji
The show's protagonist is Denji. However, he differs from other shonen protagonists. He doesn't aspire to end all human suffering. Denji prefers having more fundamental needs met, such as a place to live, food, and a partner. After completing Pochita, Denji joined the Yakuza as a Devil Hunter to repay his father's debt. When the Zombie Devil attacked him, he was killed, but Pochita fused with his heart to bring him back to life. Denji is aware that he is not the sharpest tool in the drawer, but he is still a reasonably cunning individual who can navigate any circumstance with wit and cunning. He is one of the most relatable protagonists, thus, once the anime is out, he will gain in popularity.

2. Power

chainsaw man characters Chainsaw Man Power
After making her chapter four debut, power soon rose to fame and became a fan favorite. Although she is the Blood Fiend, she is a member of Makima's team. She has a sweet bond with Denji and is endearingly odd. Most people find Power to be juvenile and unapproachable, but after getting to know her, it's difficult for them to detest her. She never engages in combat unless she believes she will prevail. If not, she will get started immediately and leave the cleanup to someone else. Power enjoys making self-serving boasts and says her IQ is extremely high, ranging from 500 to 1,000.

1. Makima

Chainsaw Man Makima
The main antagonist of the series is Makima. For most of the series, she is a senior Devil Hunter who concealed the fact that she is the Control Devil. She controlled every single event in the series. Denji was supposed to change into the Chainsaw Devil and surrender to her, but she had to shatter his mind first. She refers to Chainsaw Man as the Hero of Hell and loves him dearly. Chainsaw Man Makima believes that his capacity to make people forget that there is a devil after devouring them will enable people to live blissfully without experiencing dread or death. She has never been able to have a fulfilling relationship since she is the Control Devil. She only desired to interact with others meaningfully and on an equal footing.

#2. Is Aki A Girl In Chainsaw Man?

Is Aki a girl in Chainsaw Man? Is Aki a girl in Chainsaw Man?
Aki, another demon hunter like Denji, has many typical characteristics of a shonen protagonist's antagonist. He is much more solemn and quiet than Denji, and they first get into arguments. He seeks retribution for the suffering he endured throughout his sad past. Chainsaw Man masterfully dissects this stereotype. Aki's self-sacrificing mentality causes his companions to suffer emotionally. His fight against the Gun Devil eventually serves no purpose since he turns into the Gun Fiend, which is the opposite of what he initially despised.
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