10+ Silly Security Fails That Seriously Need Reconsideration

There are roughly 8 billion human beings in this world, and not everyone is the same. Some are kind-hearted, friendly, and honest, while others are more wicked and spiteful. We all hope that everyone in this world is a good person so that many things in our life will be easier. But it's just not like that. We trust in the goodness of strangers. But some of those strangers are only interested in your money.
That's true. And that's why security is a thing, a vital part of our life. We cannot count on the uncertain goodness of others to protect our properties. Doors have locks for a reason. Still, some people look like they don't give a fig about the safety measures. They can casually lock their bike to a standee and leave it like that while going elsewhere. Some even perplexed us even more by installing a smart door lock and sticking a note with its password right on the handle.
Some people seriously need to reconsider their security measures because they're just silly and apparently ineffective. Scroll down to check out some of the most facepalm-worthy security fails in the list below!

#1 At least it does the job

Source: Reddit

#2 Seems legit...

Source: imgur

#3 That’s the least menacing security ‘dog’ we’ve ever seen!

Source: acidcow

#4 They take security very seriously

Source: canab

#5 "I'll never forget the time that my mom installed this lock in one of her bathroom drawers when I was a kid..."

Source: techbuzz

#6 This ATM is held together with duct tape

Source: gippy44

#7 Good try...

Source: imgur

#8 This looks silly even if it's for decorative purposes

Source: imgur

#9 Warning! Knife-wielding robot patrols this house

Source: imgur

#10 This barrier is clearly doing its job fantastically!

Source: GuacamoleFanatic

#11 Someone decided to use a trust lock in the gym locker room

Source: PeacefullyInsane

#12 I see trust...

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