30 Pieces Of Evidence To Show That Britain Is A Hilarious Land

It's now easier than ever to learn about the lifestyles of different cultures. People love to share tidbits of their daily life on the internet. And people can learn quite a few things from that. Speaking of Britain, the first impression always is this is a land of fog and unexpected rains. Call this a stereotype, but we think it's somewhat true. It's pretty easy to tell if someone is British because they usually go out with an umbrella. And if you talk to them, it'll be 100% sure because British people have a unique speaking manner.
You must have heard somewhere that the people of this island kingdom are notoriously polite. Sure, they are. And they also have a brilliant sense of humor. Their lifestyle is so unique and can hardly be mimicked by anyone. Feeling excited to experience some pure British humor? Below, we have a list of 30 pictures to show you just how much of a hilarious place Britain is. Scroll down to check them out and have a good laugh!

#1 Hot Fuzz 2 now filming in Blackfriars

Source: harry20larry

#2 So I’m strolling through London and I hear a gentleman say to me “I like your t-shirt” to which I say “Are you Bill Nighy”. He’s a lovely guy

Source: OwenJthomas89

#3 H&M championing the escaped dementia patient look

Source: Mobilethrashacetate

#4 My sister has taken up embroidery...

Source: Welshboyed

#5 My little brother just returned from trick or treating...

Source: much_bad_gramer

#6 I actually love this. We shouldn’t pretend that sex stops after a certain age and/or surgery

Source: screenshotofdispair

#7 Casual guard animal

Source: TheFailedAmature

#8 The Royal Mail is trialling the cutest electric van ever

Source: Stotallytob3r

#9 Paramedics of the Great North Air Ambulance training on jet suits to reach emergencies this summer. Flying to a fell in 90 seconds instead of 30 minutes on foot, Lake District, UK

Source: Immidandy

#10 Helping others…

Source: Sydney_brit

#11 This pub in Wales has some incredible photography, taken from it's very own beer garden

Source: Marcflaps

#12 Yesterday morning in Lincoln. I love this time of year, when it's bright but still cool

Source: marmitewarlock

#13 Can we just take a minute to appreciate this accidental cut during BBC News live, back to the newrooms?

Source: Mightysmurf1

#14 View from my desk this morning. I guess if the elder god's have come to destroy the world, at least they're starting with Coventry

Source: Natrapx

#15 Gotta love the Royal Mail

Source: Murderhands

#16 Just stumbled across this old gem a friend of mine received a few years back

Source: Hollambeast

#17 This made me smile. It’s so true

Source: Altruistic-Tea7709

#18 Moved to England from the US a few years ago and have been working on my fry up game ever since

Source: colddustgir

#19 Wasn’t expecting this at the crossing this morning

Source: Snorlaxlacks

#20 Did this today. Boiling water in a flask to cook/keep warm frankfurters till lunchtime. Worked way better than expected. Picnic hot dogs

Source: idontknow-imaduck

#21 I'll do it, I swear

Source: Domoshuuii

#22 This is the most British picture

Source: asteroidnerd

#23 There’s only one Queen

Source: Mindless_Ease9161

#24 I reckon you and Broony can drop the whole “mate act” now then pal!

Source: Mental-Dust

#25 One of the more creative female/male toilet signs I've seen

Source: 26326312

#26 Place your bets. Was this the result of a public vote?

Source: minimaddi

#27 First time I’ve seen something like this, so cool

Source: TerrysChocoOrange

#28 I went to view a house yesterday and found this QR Code on the back of a cupboard door. I got bloody Rick Rolled during a house viewing!

Source: Sirius_55_Polaris

#29 The international symbol for "I might have another sandwich"

Source: ImGreatAtNothing

#30 I'm assuming 401 years ago this person died very unexpectedly

Source: CultureShipinabottle

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