20 Amazing Masterpieces People Created With 3D Printers

3D printing technology has been around for decades. But it was not until recent years that its application became noticeable to the public. The 3D printing process is "the action or process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many thin layers of a material in succession." So, you can make any idea in your mind a real thing with an enough big 3D printer.
How cool it is to materialize your imagination with just a few steps. And with our limitless imagination, people can create masterpieces with this 3D printing technique. We have found a subreddit called r/3Dprinting dedicated to sharing the most fascinating, unique, and elaborate works using this technique. It looks like people do magic to make stuff out of thin air. From little Halloween ornaments to a whole 1:3 scale Batmobile, you'll surely be amazed to see these masterpieces. Scroll down to check out some of the most amazing 3D printing works in the list below.

#1 Just in time for Halloween

Source: phoaddict

#2 I 3D printed a rock! Then painted it to look more like...a rock!

Source: Hopefully_Irregular

#3 I printed and painted my very own Necronomicon. What's the worst that can happen?

Source: MS_Salmonella

#4 After modding my Ender3 V2 to do 400mm high prints I revisited my prosthetic cover design, printed full height, no cut or seam at the bottom, raindrop rear case, TPU gaskets to damp of all, 40% lighter. Well pleased

Source: CrustySweetRoll

#5 Made tactile diagrams for a blind student at my uni

3d printersSource: shadeofmyheart

#6 Switch card Rolodex I just printed and assembled!

3d printersSource: photophinishphyllis

#7 Not sure if there's an interest in 3D-printed brains? Here's mine from 2016 when I converted my (and my friends') fMRI scans into a printable STL

3d printersSource: muxelmann

#8 Wife and kids kept stealing my charger

3d printersSource: TheMaskedSwinger

#9 I designed and printed a working Simpsons TV. Plays the first 11 seasons at random without internet. Knobs work too!

3d printersSource: buba447

#10 As requested, here's Mack with his PLA unicorn horn

Source: Bogey01

#11 Made some coasters

Source: TannedJew

#12 I 3D Printed a 3D Printer 3D Printing a 3D Printer

Source: arthuroking30

#13 I designed en 3D printed a custom Pikachu pegboard for my 4yo daughter. It's great because no matter what colors she decides to use, it always looks like a Pikachu and it makes her so happy!

Source: DankSepticTank

#14 3D printed guitar body build

Source: Libercrat

#15 I made a 1:3 scale batmobile 1989 for my 4 years old son

Source: YsnKy86

#16 I'm printing Shang Chi's 10 rings with my Elegoo Mars Pro

3d printersSource: MrSingularitarian

#17 Mid-century beehive lamp fully 3D printed replica

Source: enragedmachine

#18 I built a pool cleaner from a Roomba

Source: electrosync

#19 Can't decide if this is awesome or terrible...

Source: jimmiecburn

#20 Broke my glasses arms, saved $200 by printing instead of replacing

Source: Johny2x4Reddit

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