11 Actors Whose Personalities Are Opposite To Their Similar Roles

When you believe you know someone, the illusion is suddenly destroyed. Some performers feel at ease performing parts that are personal to them. Then some performers are utterly unlike the roles they play. Liev Schreiber will tell you he's an absent-minded klutz, even though you may think he scowls at vegetables like Ray Donovan. Regarding Rami Malek, He must be intense, am I right? berating his coffee and speaking no more than six times every day? Nope. He constantly talks. 11 Actors Whose Personalities Are Opposite To Their Similar Roles.
We often think that the figure we see on film is indeed that way, but then there's Machete. It's probably best that Danny Trejo is a truly good man who has lived a morally good life for a long time. Continue reading to find out about performers that portray some of our favorite roles yet are not like the people they represent.

1. Danny Trejo

actors whose personalities are opposite to theirSource: Instagram/20th Century Fox

In real life, Danny Trejo served time in jail and trained in San Quentin to become a champion boxer. After getting clean and sober, he discovered acting via his work as a drug counselor. Trejo's intimidating appearance and past made him popular with casting directors and agents, but he has spent several decades being a family guy and a straight shooter in real life.
Trejo gives his characters in movies and TV shows a fundamental aspect because he appears as though he could devour your face. He has unintentionally built a career playing terrifying villains. But he also has a wicked sense of humor.

2. Tom Felton

Source: Instagram / Warner Bros.

Naturally, Tom Felton is not a Slytherin monster like his prominent role Draco Malfoy in real life. He's a pleasant person who enjoys life, has a complicated relationship with fame, values the Harry Potter fanbase, and is easygoing.
Felton and Jack Gleeson have similar on-screen and television personas. As Draco Malfoy, he is almost as despised as Joffrey in Game of Thrones. Additionally, he appeared in Murder in the First as a creepy murder suspect.

3. Bryan Cranston

Source: NBC/AMC

In actuality: Bryan Cranston is amiable, goofy, and incredibly humorous. He's also tender and sentimental. When discussing Jane's death scene in Breaking Bad, he is renowned for crying. He is a human being, a skilled artisan, and a clown.
He performed flawlessly as Walter White in movies and television shows. He embodied Dalton Trumbo and President Lyndon Baines Johnson in Trumbo and All the Way. He also hosted a beautiful 60th party on Kimmel and had a meltdown while dressed as a lion. Cranston doesn't hesitate to leave everything on the ground.

4. Keanu Reeves

Source: San Diego ComicCon/HBO

In actuality: Keanu Reeves has endured being labeled a doofus throughout his career despite being a voracious reader, a life philosopher, and an extraordinarily intelligent actor. Since he's so secretive, many others have tried to fill in the holes. Those close to Reeves claim that most of this conjecture has been incorrect.
He grudgingly participated in the Sad Keanu meme, confessing that "it's still annoying to have your photo taken while you're eating a sandwich. It's depressing.

5. Lena Headey

Source: Instagram/HBO

Lena Headey is a charming, vibrant person in real life. A vast cry from her scheming, planning, and loving her brother Cersei. She's called herself a "clumsy geek" in the past.
In film and television roles: Despite being a clumsy geek, Lena Headey makes the nasty, incestuous, narcissistic Cersei on Game of Thrones convincing. She has played many other characters with less heinous behavior, but none have been as unforgettable.

6. Rory McCann, actors whose personalities are opposite to their

Source: San Diego ComicCon/HBO

Rory McCann describes himself as "goofy" and "a little bit dumb" in real life. On the Game of Thrones set, he was such a diva that Maisie Williams had to control him. McCann has been a bouncer, lumberjack, band leader, and tree surgeon.
In film and television roles: McCann lends a unique, sympathetic element to the hate-filled Hound since he is so likable and quick on his feet intellectually. When he played Michael Armstrong in Hot Fuzz, he also played up that silly side. He adopts the Hound character when he doesn't want to be harassed in public.

7. Iwan Rheon

Source: Instagram / HBO

Iwan Rheon is a singer/songwriter who has an album out, although he does not practice sadism in his daily life. Rheon hated watching Sansa Stark suffer at the hands of his character in Game of Thrones, but he cheered for her when she gained courage.
In movie and television roles, Rheon enjoyed portraying the villain while realizing how despised his GoT character Ramsay Bolton was. He shares Ramsay's enthusiasm for doing what he loves. Rheon appreciates music. Ramsay enjoys tormenting victims physically and psychologically before murdering them. Various emotions, but passions are all the same.

8. Liev Schreiber, actors whose personalities are opposite to their

Source: NBC/Showtime

In reality: Due to his sweetness and pleasant temperament, Liev Schreiber was given the nickname "Huggy" when he was young. He has a lot to say, is thoughtful, witty, clumsy, and occasionally forgetful as an adult.
In his appearances for movies and television, he typically exudes a menacing aura and has commented, "This is a problem I've had my whole life." According to Schreiber, he has "Slavic fat pads" (his cheeks) that give him the appearance of a "homicidal chipmunk."

9. Jack Gleeson

Source: Instagram/HBO

In real life, intelligent and empathetic Jack Gleeson expressed concern over "unjust sexism" in Game of Thrones. After finishing his notable role in the program, he even briefly gave up acting. However, he has returned to performing, co-founded a theatrical company, and is now older, wiser, and more humorous than ever about the entire affair.

10. Rami Malek

Source: ABC/USA

He is not Elliot Alderson in real life. Not at all. He's my complete opposite, remarked Rami Malek. "I'm an enthusiastic individual. I feed off of love. I enjoy chitchat. Elliot has occasionally helped Malek create a safe space. Sam Esmail, the creator of Mr. Robot, told him to give the people who were approaching him and him the Elliot because "no one messes with that person."
In cinema and television, his most notable performance was as a stoic, insane hacker on Mr. Robot. But after the series, Malek will probably have a wide range of possibilities.

11. Nolan Gould, actors whose personalities are opposite to their

Source: Instagram/ABC

At age 13, Nolan Gould completed his high school education. He has a 150 IQ score. He gained popularity among MILFs as he grew larger and transitioned into his young man figure. "He claims, "I'm a hit with about 35 and above, and I play along, but I'm not going to do anything... It remains a crime. I don't want a helpless lady to serve my prison sentence. I'm not holding out for you to leave."
Gould plays Luke Dunphy on Modern Family in a hilariously dim way, downplaying his brilliance in a rare display of humility. Gould has also appeared in movies and on television.
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