16 Images More Cursed Than The News Your See On TV

After a long day at work, you want a peaceful night to relax. Turn on the TV, and you decide to watch some news to catch up with how the world is going. Still, our world also has bad days when everything can't go right. Of course, no one expects to hear that many pieces of bad news in just one evening. But that's what happens. Increasing gas prices, worsening political tensions, conflicts, violence, and accidents, all these things can come ruining your mood in an instant after you turn on the TV.
So, you may need something to counter that much negative energy. Below, we have a gallery of cursed images that are even more cursed than the news you see on TV. As some Chinese medics have said: we can use poison to attack poison. These cursed pictures will distract you from the dread you may have while watching awful news. Moreover, these images are surprisingly entertaining. Trust us. Let's scroll down to check them out!

#1 This terrifying Spider-man decoration

Source: Shekelsss

#2 What a panic attack on a plane feels like

Source: SuperSpiderGamer

#3 That'll be the perfect profile pic for LinkedIn

Source: Blobfish_6ix9ine

#4 Curious to know what cult is this

Source: kyle-inator

#5 He's stuck

Source: dacluelessbadger

#6 That is trypophobia to the max and I hate it, ultimate cursed car

Source: skrillexbaby101

#7 An average Hispanic grandmother's room

Source: 128bitz

#8 Perfect plank mat

Source: N1ghtv0re

#9 You want pandas? This zoo gives you pandas!

Source: supremeyeeetz

#10 This ritual is to summon devils?

Source: bassonpatrol45

#11 By far the worst uber

Source: N1ghtv0re

#12 Teddy can taste your fear

Source: NotSoupGuy

#13 Adopt me

Source: Foolbird

#14 He soiled his pants

Source: Reddit

#15 Bro he’s vibin don’t interupt his couch time

Source: PlusArt3

#16 Now this is when Black Plague strikes again

Source: N1ghtv0re

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