10+ Times People Witnessed Hysterical Things At Supermarket And Had To Share Them

Do you like shopping? Like, wandering through the aisles, looking and picking items you like is simple happiness. Well, even though this happiness can be a little expensive when you're unaware of how many things you have in your cart, people are willing to pay for it. Who says money can't buy happiness? I will take that money and be happy, free of stress, and feel wholesome for a good time.
And you know, shopping can be even more entertaining. With so many people coming from all kinds of backgrounds, any commercial center or supermarket is like a big circus. During your shopping experience, you are likely to spot some happenings that are very strange to us all. Like, you stop at a Walmart in the early morning for some snacks, and you clearly do not expect to see a whole group of cops standing along an aisle. They just stand there looking for some suspicious items, what's that? Is this part of a mission or something? Would be curious to know.
Below, we have collected some pictures people have taken of hysterical things they saw at supermarkets and stores. Scroll down to check them out!

#1 Showdown at the supermarket

Source: Cyan-Panda

#2 My last two brain cells trying to remember what I forgot

Source: yesthebees

#3 Look at this goat, then look back at me

Source: DystopianSoul

#4 Those are some nice stilettos you’ve got there, mister

Source: NepoEgassap

#5 It's 4am. This is what I find in Walmart

Source: x_SomeGuy

#6 It's a sale... at IKEA

Source: amycakes12

#7 I see your Costco Amish little person and I raise you my Costco lady having lunch with Pikachu

Source: chkenpooka

#8 They knew they messed up

Source: doctor_robocop

#9 A pet duck? Why not?

Source: ArielChipps

#10 Is today Halloween?

Source: Reddit

#11 Anything to keep those little ones quiet

Source: SirJukesALot

#12 That's a fashionable dog

Source: ImpromtuThings

#13 Show me a true guard

Source: gumptionrusty

#14 Just a normal day at Walmart

Source: HeyBlenderhead

#15 Smile everywhere

Source: boonanana

#16 I have seen a lot"

Source: drdiddles

#17 "Mind your business, hooman. I'm doing yoga. Don't bother me"

Source: Thegoddamnpatman

#18 OMG. Somebody helps!

Source: Xander779

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