20 Celebrities Who Are Totally Rocking The Gray Hair Look

When you see your hair starts turning gray, you'll know that aging comes. And because no one wants to become old, or at least have the sure sign of old age, not many people prefer gray hair, especially celebrities, who always must appear in public with the best appearance. But gradually, natural hair has been embraced by more and more stars. It's all about the salt-and-pepper look for Andie MacDowell, whose gray hair began to appear when she was in quarantine, or for Allison Janney, giving up wigs and dyes is a form of free.
Therefore, we decided to list some famous people with gray hair. They have accepted their natural color and are really rocking it for ideas on that style.
So, let's scroll down to check celebrities with gray hair out!

#1 Salma Hayek

, Salma HayekSource: salmahayek

It's so inspirational that Salma Hayek calls her hair “white hair of wisdom.” And she looks good with her black hair highlighted in silver.

#2 Jane Fonda

, Jane FondaSource: Vogue

At the Oscars, Jane Fonda first appeared with her short silver hairstyle. It took seven hours to dye her hair gray, and it was worth the shot.

#3 Andie MacDowell

, Andie MacDowellSource: British Vogue

Her managers were nervous about the rom-com star's decision to switch to lowlights on her gray hair. But she said she would be 65 in the next two years. She would not have the opportunity to be salt and pepper if she did not do it then.

#4 Anderson Cooper

Source: The New York Times

We cannot picture the newscaster without a full head of white hair, really!

#5 Bonnie Raitt

Source: The Guardian

Due to an unusual hair disorder called poliosis, the melanin in Raitt's hair has been removed. The streak started "growing" as her career took off. As a result, she colored the rest of her hair red to cover the streak, giving that front section of her hair a distinctive color.

#6 Allison Janney

, Allison JanneySource: TODAY

When Janney is not on set, she gives up on extensions and dyes. The actress feels free and loves the shade of ash gray.

#7 Rita Moreno

, Rita MorenoSource: Vogue

With short, choppy silver hair, Moreno, 90, yet has a youthful appearance.

#8 Steve Martin

, Steve MartinSource: NBC Montana

We can understand why the Only Murders in the Building star never bothered with dyes. He has had white hair since he was young and looks perfect.

#9 Diane Keaton

, Diane KeatonSource: Glamour

Keaton used to have black and white hair, but she now chooses an all-over light tone to go with her style.

#10 Sarah Jessica Parker

, Sarah Jessica ParkerSource: Entertainment Weekly

While promoting the "Sex and the City" revival and "And Just Like That," SJP appeared on the cover of Vogue with gray streaks in her hair.

#11 Whoopi Goldberg

, Whoopi GoldbergSource: ABC News

In order to play an older Black woman on film, the actor and host had to go gray all over for the part.

#12 Helen Mirren

, Helen MirrenSource: British Vogue

Mirren made the decision to just go for it after seeing how she appeared in The Madness of King George with gray powder covering her hair for the role of Queen Charlotte.

#13 Jamie Lee Curtis

, Jamie Lee CurtisSource: Today Show

Jamie Lee Curtis is all about keeping it real. Her ideal is to be no concealing of anything.

#14 Morgan Freeman

, Morgan FreemanSource: The New York Times

Some actors look better in gray, and Freeman has always given gray such an elegant air.

#15 Meryl Streep

, Meryl StreepSource: Vogue

She dyed her hair gray for roles before—Miranda Priestly's cold locks, the gray balayage in The Giver—and she's doing it again, this time on the red carpet.

#16 Keanu Reeves & Alexandra Grant

, Keanu Reeves & Alexandra GrantSource: NBC News

Both John Wick and his partner, Alexandra Grant, have been having their natural gray since their 30s. John Wick also has salt-and-pepper hair in his beard.

#17 Stacy London

, Stacy LondonSource: People

London's splash of white, like Raitt's, is natural and came in early. "I'm keeping it,'' She said. They were not permitted to color it, according to my contract with Pantene, she told The Baltimore Sun.

#18 Blythe Danner

, Blythe DannerSource: IMDb

Not many people could look well with blue-gray hair, but Danner proves that yellow undertones can go with it!

#19 George Clooney

George ClooneySource: Harper's Bazaar

Without silver fox George Clooney, this list would be incomplete!

#20 Tia Mowry

Tia MowrySource: tiamowry

In August 2020, Mowry posted a photo on Instagram. To truly highlight her natural grays, she wore a gray sweater as well. She actually glows from it!
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