Astonishing "Defy The Odds" Moments To Pique Your Curiosity

We all feel excited to see, hear, and experience rare things. Whether it's a hard-to-make cuisine, a trip to a restricted area, or an abnormal phenomenon, because it's not something usual, people will do anything to get to know it. Still, in this great wide world, who can firmly say something cannot happen? We live in a world full of possibilities. Look around, pay a bit more attention, and you'll see that many things happen that defy all the odds.
No matter how tiny the possibility is, as long as it's not zero, it'll happen eventually. And here, we have found some of the most mind-blowing "defy the odds" moments that may pique your curiosity. We found these pictures in the subreddit r/nevertellmetheodds, which is dedicated to sharing unbelievable, or mathematically improbable matters that people simply refuse to believe. Scroll down to check them out in the list below, and tell us how much you believe in these posts.

#1 This man who angered Thor

Source: Responsible_Ad_3180

#2 This driver survived with minor injuries

Source: populista

#3 When the crash is so wild it doesn't make sense

Source: Coolaner

#4 This man caught the same fish months apart

Source: Savfil

#5 Photobombed by a bee

Source: FearmyBeard21

#6 This woman found her cat days after a tornado destroyed her home

Source: Reddit

#7 A meteorite that nearly hit a woman sleeping in her bed

Source: Actuary_Beginning

#8 A guy found a credit card on the street, returned it, and it turned out to be Harrison Ford's

Source: notlur

#9 This little flap that caught this nail before it hit the tire

Source: CodyCus

#10 When the pipe bursts right above a car with its sunroof open

Source: MadDadofTwo

#11 Thought I was running out of this

Source: Archer-7

#12 Guy in an Astros Jersey has car trouble and Astros infielder Alex Bregman helps him

Source: LDTheGoon

#13 Unwelcomed companion

Source: 83Eighrythree

#14 When you hit all 0's on the gas pump

Source: PostingMountainOC

#15 These noodles clinging on for dear life

Source: Delta9r

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