Moments Of Pure Embarrassment That Make People Cringe Like Never Before

We all have been through this before. No one is immune to occasional embarrassing moments. No matter how perfect of a person you are, you will make mistakes sooner or later. And it sometimes costs you your public image. Do you have the courage to think about it? Every once in a while, when we're about to go to sleep, those memories just randomly pop up like: "remember when you spilled coffee on your pants on a first date three years ago?" Ah, what a feeling!
Recently, when TV writer, Sophie Petzal, shared her embarrassing moment on Twitter, people were more than ready to give her support by tweeting out their equally embarrassing stories. After reading these tweets, you'll agree with us that misunderstanding is the root of all problems. Now, are you curious to know about the cringey moments people try to forget? Scroll down and check them out in the list below.

#1 A peck on the cheek

Source: kippaxireland

#2 A futuristic bathroom

Source: cartelmike

#3 The hardest peanuts ever

Source: ArkenstoneGames

#4 On a long flight

Source: l_mitchellv

#5 The forgotten bag

Source: AlasdairKenned1

#6 A morning cup of coffee

Source: HanburySt

#7 Just for the free samples

Source: Sonic_Screwup

#8 Admiring a coat

Source: danusia0301

#9 Frightened as being followed

Source: fionabarton

#10 That's an easy mistake

Source: StefanNotSteven

#11 Get on, ladies

Source: Scient*ts

#12 Just riding along

Source: maddy_l3wis

#13 Sharing is caring

Source: hmjoneswriter

#14 Lost in the bathroom

Source: RoisinRants

#15 Take a penny, leave a penny

Source: ddoubleooseven

#16 Strike too hard

Source: TMWPorridge

#17 That place doesn't exist!!

Source: ChristyShenani1

#18 On a rainy day

Source: RebeccaJJules

#19 How to impress on your first date

Source: SusanAlipour

#20 Wine tasting goes horribly wrong

Source: vittone

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