Perfect Imperfections That Struck People's Minds With Sheer Frustration

Don't get it wrong, people can be strict on keeping things in a particular order or arrangement, but they're no perfectionists. Our brain is simply into symmetrical patterns. Objects placed or built in orders like that are just pleasing to the eye. On the contrary, things that look imbalanced or unsymmetrical are literal eye sores. Have you ever felt annoyed looking at a distorted pattern on the floor or wall? We bet you all will have similar discomfort when noticing such imperfections.
We always desire the impossible, like when we strive hard for perfection. We cannot be perfect. And while we seek it in other things, we learn the hard way that this world is imperfect, not just us humans. We seek harmony, balance, and uniformity in everything in our lives whatsoever. But it's just sad and infuriating that we keep finding more flaws. Some are natural, and some are human-made, either way, they cause indescribable annoyance.
This list below contains some of the worst anger-inducing pictures depicting pure imperfection. Scroll down to check them out!

#1 Preth any button

Source: huck002

#2 This neighborhood I saw on Google Maps really hits me hard

Source: zyyye

#3 What the actual mother fcking fck is this fckery

Source: Blake262626

#4 Well you're not wrong...

Source: BerendjD

#5 How the fck does this happen?

Source: huuuhuuu

#6 It’s like they want me to have an aneurysm...

Source: infinityeoc

#7 This chandelier at a restaurant I ate at bothers me so much

Source: fluffynuff

#8 This stove

Source: _A_Pancake_

#9 That. One. Pole.

Source: Reddit

#10 Someone thought it would be funny to do this at the corner of every page of this notebook

Source: asdfghjklsofia

#11 This teacher doesn’t erase the board fully and continues to use it

Source: Nemo4200

#12 These lights

Source: D3TROIT40oz248

#13 Just re-pave the damn road at this point

Source: zachwilly

#14 My grandfather doesn’t peel the plastic off of anything and won’t let me peel it off. I’m about to have a heart attack

Source: technicalidiot

#15 Meanwhile in the supermarket

Source: iGniSsak

#16 The way this pizza has been murdered

Source: nelldog

#17 Okay what the hell

Source: Reddit

#18 My friend's new front door

Source: Ollie_Bosh

#19 911 - I'd like to report a crime

Source: quinntoye

#20 At my closest train station. I think I need to move

Source: timmah11

#21 I was high in the road and was not sure if it was the weed or not so I took a picture for later

Source: pet_sauce_

#22 This building where nothing lines up

Source: Reddit

#23 Looked down during my shower today. Can’t unsee it now

Source: Reddit

#24 I'm literally screaming inside

Source: honny78

#25 Finished laying the bricks, boss!

Source: TheRealClyde1

#26 The way my mom watches TV with things obscuring the screen

Source: eharsh87

#27 Askew angles

Source: sugardoggy

#28 cut it wrong. I think they

Source: Astorphobis

#29 But how?

Source: yeetrus1842

#30 Found this in Louisiana

Source: ctophu

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