Some Of The Dirtiest Kitchen Secrets That Should Never Be Revealed

We all have some secrets that we swear never to tell anyone. Maybe it's a super dumb mistake you made the other day or something creepier like a skeleton collection somebody keeps in their closet. Anyways, a secret should always stay a secret. Once it becomes known to others, it's hard to imagine the chaos it may cause. Still, who can resist the temptation of getting to know someone else's secret? Don't try to deny that. We all will definitely do it, given the opportunity.
And the chance was given when a Reddit user asked the community: "What's your dirty kitchen secret?" The OP went first, admitting that she once dumped out a whole bottle of her husband's fine balsamic vinegar, deciding that it was old clutter, and then "honestly" joined her husband in looking for it all over the kitchen. Well, that's cunning to say the least.
And then, people took no time to vibe in and make their confessions. In the list below, we have gathered some of the dirtiest and funniest confessions to show you. Let's scroll down and check them out!

#1 Same. Friends dropping in last minute? Let me fix you a six-course menu. Me on my own? Shoot, I have to add water to eat these instant noodles?

Source: TheMeanGirl,Rene Schwietzke Follow

#2 Sick of family members rolling their eyes or saying "I'm not going to like that". Maybe cook yourself?

Source: sal139,Scott Feldstein

#3 250 bucks? I'd hide it too. They wouldn't be able to appreciate fine chocolate anyway

Source: bad_russian_girl,terrykimura

#4 Same, everyone praises my mom's spinach dip recipe but it's just the recipe on the back of the seasoning packet

Source: Jemma6

#5 It's all fun and games until Grandma gets the walkin' toots from the milk

Source: Tralan,stu_spivack

#6 Just add brandy and we're in business!

Source: MinervaZee,Amy Stephenson

#7 DEVILLED eggs

Source: girardinl,Alabama Extension

#8 Happy you're fine now, but so sad that you can't taste!

Source: Displaced_in_Space,Andy / Andrew Fogg

#9 And the fresh tomatoes aren't often good

Source: anon,Martin Cathrae

#10 I will need to try them sometime

Source: Unchanging_window,star athena

#11 Right? Me too

Source: beanofreen,Alpha

#12 Will definitely try that. I love Sambal Olek

Source: usernamesarehard1979,Daniel Hanson

#13 Tips: a dash of nutmeg when cooking spinach helps get rid of that bitter flavor

Source: bshef,Quinn Dombrowski

#14 Treat yourself!

Source: janbrunt,Denise Krebs

#15 They are amazing... I agree

Source: RandomAsianGuy,knorr

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