20+ Funniest Examples Of Bad Drivers, As Documented By This Facebook Page

When asked, nine out of ten people possess a driving license. Well, that one person there either hasn't taken a test yet or is still on a learning course, possibly. That is to say, driving skill is among the most common and essential skills everyone should learn. Learning how to drive is not that particularly hard. However, mastering the skill is another story. Now that almost everyone has a car and frequently uses it to commute, it's easy to spot bad drivers on the road.
Well, we all understand that joy when you get your driving license for the first time. It's like a certificate that says you're now a legit adult. And, as you're now an adult, you're responsible for your safety and others while driving the road. Still, many are unnoticed that their carelessness while driving can cause consequences.
Thankfully, the members of the Bad Drivers Facebook group are never too far away, and they're prepared to mock the worst offenses they catch. In this post, we'll show you pictures of some of the most terrifying, yet amusing driving fails. Seriously, not everyone should sit behind the wheel.

#1 When Google Maps tells you to take an immediate left turn

Source: Marius Bajdechi

#2 Kudos to the driver of the truck for taking the pic while driving, otherwise we would never have known!

Source: Juliana Bolgiare

#3 No! Anything but the potholes!

Source: Ti Le N

#4 These work even when people know they’re fake! It reminds everyone about what they *should* be doing, and that’s enough to work most of the time

Source: Rashad Yaqub

#5 Middle nonblink thing go on, MOVE YOUR BUTT CUZ BIG TRUCK BACKING UP!

Source: Ti Le N

#6 But I don't wanna have to redo it later!

Source: Peter Buitenhuis

#7 Living in an Amish paradise

Source: Ti Le N

#8 "That's no moon..."

Source: Стефан Димитров

#9 No, it doesn't...

Source: Peter Buitenhuis

#10 Poor truckies have to take these actions to stop the idiots - give trucks room for heaven's sake!

Source: Jaydhel Mark Buenbrazo

#11 But chicken afterwards???

Source: Todd Kessler

#12 Ahh yes - Found On Road Dead

Source: Peter Buitenhuis

#13 I kinda like this

Source: Achmad Yanuar Diansyah

#14 Go Hybrid(ge)!

Source: Ti Le N

#15 Well deserved

Source: Vince Adams

#16 Meanwhile in Pasadena

Source: Ti Le N

#17 And I thought the imperial system was bad

Source: Ti Le N

#18 Grandma loves you

Source: Ti Le N

#19 Run away...that's what

Source: Phil Jobs

#20 Can't pay for it? Let's pray for it!

Source: Ti Le N

#21 Wow, some people are such idiots

Source: Ti Le N

#22 Meanwhile on German Autobahn someone will flash you for driving 193 km/h only...

Source: Kevin Stubber

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