Clueless Male Authors Who Write About Women Are Getting Roasted For Their Absolute Ignorance

There are males and also females. They are physically and mentally different from each other. Understanding people is not that easy, to say the least, especially when they belong to the opposite gender. Yeah, but often we see people make ridiculous assumptions that leave half of the population straight-up rolling their eyes. Yes, many fictional books and novels written by male authors depict women in a blatantly disrespectful and hilariously inaccurate viewpoint.
That's common to see authors bring their personal preferences and social stereotypes into their works. However, some are just so wrong that the public can hardly accept them. Women, according to some pieces, appear to be nothing more than one-dimensional beings having an unrealistic mindset. What's more, the sexualization of female characters has become quite a "trend" in modern art. Looks like people are running out of words, huh?
Below, people are roasting male authors who depict women in such baffling ways. It's hard to tell if they actually know anything about women at all. Regardless, they and their works deserve to be shamed for all the disrespect and absurdity.

#1 Hmm I wonder...

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#2 This is indeed worse than the average post here

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#3 Tumblr already knows

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#4 Also, turnip red lips??

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#5 The kind of thing that gets your blood boiling

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#6 Curious what it looked like when she walked in

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#7 I know it isn’t Sunday but I have zero patience or memory

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#8 Golden skin shimmering in the summer sun

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#9 She wasn't wearing a top... she was wearing toppings...

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#10 What is this horror show that I have just read?

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#11 Sarcasm and accuracy FTW

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#12 I mean it kinda counts

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#13 Mission completed

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#14 This ‘author’ of his own effed up narrative

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#15 I know this is satire but I really wouldn’t put it past some of the authors we see on here

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#16 After venturing back and forth through this subreddit, I'd say this one isn't exactly surprising

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#17 Women's insides are a maze, apparently

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#18 The Wheel of Time: The Dragon Reborn, by Robert Jordan. A map of the city of the Aes Sedai, an organization of powerful female sorcerers

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#19 Old advertisements that didn't age well

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#20 Of course, we don't get real pockets in our pants because we have tiny purses in our vaginas!

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