24 Weird And Unsettling Photos Of Things Nobody Wants To See

With the development of the internet, we can easily see people sharing pictures of their daily life. Yes, we post practically everything online. Maybe it's about a day at school, an abroad work trip, or a night chilling at home; we love to share our feelings and let others get updates about how we're doing. And other people enjoy it as a favorite leisure-time activity.
It's good to keep ourselves updated on how people are doing. However, it's not that we should know or see everything people post on the internet. Every time we go online, many different things flood our feed. And we can easily see amongst the entertaining or informative ones is something rather disturbing to look at. Sometimes, we want to lie down on our comfy couch and scroll through the feed to see how everyone else is doing but unexpectedly, a weirdly hate-inducing picture that can instantly kill our mood gets our attention.
Have you ever been in such a situation? People are just weird to say the least. We hate seeing disturbing pictures but can't help but look for more. And not just that, we actively make people around us see that same thing. What an evil. If I get cursed seeing this pic, you have to see it, too. And if you have this weird yet common interest, this page may be just right for you.
Let us introduce you to one weird and edgy subreddit known as r/TIHI, which is the perfect outlet for sharing horrors nobody ever wanted to see. Still, humans are indeed twisted in mind because this sub has a whopping 1.6 million members. That's quite a number for a group dedicated to sharing hatred-inducing photos. Maybe, people find these disturbing pictures somewhat entertaining nonetheless?
Anyway, let's just scroll down to check them out and then tell us what you think about them. Be sure to reach the end of this post!

#1 Of all the memes in the world, this one is #1

Source: Psychological_Fun_99

#2 The second one looks like straight-up sliced cheese on top of cut-up straws...

Source: BigOliverNZ

#3 I am laughing way too hard and OddBrock's response

Source: DoctorTurkelton

#4 Dad has a wicked sense of humor

Source: BlanketMage

#5 The level of racism

Source: EpicGamer1259

#6 Your secret's safe with me!

Source: FaithKMoore

#7 I mean dying is cheaper than American healthcare

Source: Reddit

#8 They've found R'lyeh...

Source: Reddit

#9 Oh, my... oh my, oh my, oh my!!!

Source: Azul_gf

#10 I guess the remake of "Roots" is gonna go a whole different direction

Source: alazystoner420

#11 Oh well

Source: thejosiah011

#12 If you find delivering things to the people who ordered them inconvenient, you need to rethink your job choices. This from someone with significant mobility issues

Source: Reddit

#13 How about a metric system and some diameter? Or even imperial, but still diameter? What will be next? Asteroid with a size like dozen people laying one on another and eating peas?

Source: super_isi

#14 I think that that that that that poster used was wrong

Source: TRASHBOAT_94

#15 *looks confused at her own hands* I... can't handle this

Source: ghavivire

#16 Wait until the beast calls in the big guns....and hires the floss merc


#17 And here we see the soul parting with the body...

Source: babylol13

#18 His face looks like your average school desk

Source: regian24

#19 I feel awful for laughing but gosh this is absolutely hilarious

Source: kemidawn

#20 How much getting it on was going on for this sign to be put up?!

Source: sirkidd2003

#21 We all hear the booming voice of God and he says, "Here, hold my beer"

Source: PunkSpaceAutist

#22 Made me snort

Source: valeroesq

#23 These dudes ain't gonna find Narnia in that closet, you get me

Source: thedavehogue

#24 Bro the tear

Source: HammertonMili

It feels like enough internet for today after seeing these pics, seriously. How can people be so evil? Thanks, I hate it! You don't have to share with us everything you know and see. That's somewhat too much for me to handle.
Anyway, we know that your evil mind finds this post interesting to read. So, give it a thumbs up and maybe share it with your friends, also. We appreciate any help. Thanks for reading and see you next time!
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