Poor Souls Who Got (Un)Intentionally Targeted For Absolutely No Reason

We live in a society. Each and everyone has relationships and ways of maintaining their social life. It's because we, humans, live and work together. Evolution gives us the ability to cooperate with others so that we can become the most successful species on earth. United we stand, divided we fall. No one wants to be left out. We know that will lead to no good ending.
It's safe to say that we all want to live a peaceful life. We don't want to be exceptionally good or bad in any aspect. By that, it'll be easier to live in this hostile world. Yes, we don't want to be the target in any given situation. However, sometimes, we get strongly cursed, in particular, by the universe.
How to say, it sucks to be in a situation like that. You're going on with life like all other days. Then suddenly, misfortune hits you right in the face. And when you realize it, you have a strange sense that this bad luck is designed for you specifically. Why is that?
People must be so confused when being targeted by such miseries. We're not sure what they did to deserve this, but they have been singled out to receive torment on a universal level. Well, not being religious here but do you believe in karma? Maybe they did something wrong in their past lives, and, in this life, they have to take the consequences. Anyway, it's frustrating to be struck by misfortune that you can't even escape or know the reason behind it.
The list below contains pictures of people who received those "divine judgments" while doing practically nothing. Well, it seems like gods can also make mistakes.

#1 No waffles for you, biyach

Source: ThrustingBoner

#2 Everyone else got nice cards :(

Source: RamRod69420

#3 FU Todd

Source: yousendingnudes

#4 Hell Hath No Fury like a woman scorned

Source: Strictlybutters

#5 When your height can't even get rounded up

Source: tac0grande

#6 Screw you #998

Source: Pipipipi108

#7 This poor person

Source: beaverkc

#8 Found this guy on Facebook. Thought it belonged here

Source: princessnubnub

#9 You want to rest in your room?

Source: sinhyperbolica

#10 247 seats in my section of the concert hall. I got this one

Source: zperic1

#11 Picked the wrong parking spot

Source: Cromulus

#12 When you have a favorite twin

Source: oreo8807

#13 She got green shelled


#14 This poor Karen

Source: DJBossRoss

#15 Come on, how could they have possibly screwed that up?

Source: MahNamesDwayne

#16 Mother-in-law just served me this piece of cake...

Source: SaltyDogBiscuit

No one likes being singled out. It's understandable. However, sometimes, things happen in a way that we can't do anything to change. For these poor folks, they must have felt so confused and infuriated when they got screwed up every so randomly.
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