"Enough Is Enough": Satisfying Times People Stood Up For Justice On Social Media

Roughly 8 billion people in this world live in the same society. We thought that we would, at least, have something in common so that we could cooperate and strive for a better future, but we didn't. Humanity divides over what is good or bad for us and many other aspects. And even though some of the matters couldn't be more obvious to see, some still failed to recognize and accept them as truths and facts.
Some people may be temporarily stupid, while it's permanently for others. Regardless, it's nothing fun an experience to deal with such people. Educated and well-mannered citizens can hardly tolerate fools. Like, it's better to keep your mouth shut and listen when you don't know about something. However, some idiots get on our nerves by speaking arrogantly with total ignorance.
It's irritating if you get an allergy. And, it's safe to say that fools are legit a type of allergic trigger. Whenever we see someone make a ridiculous statement or treat others poorly, we can't just stay there and do nothing. A reminder is that there is justice in this world. People, take notes. Call them out immediately if someone tries to spread nonsense or harmful ideologies. Every one of us can do that, so don't hesitate. We need to put an end to this idiocy.
Here, we'll show you 20 moments of pure satisfaction when people stood up for justice. The Facebook page, known as "Feminist Info," is dedicated to putting a spotlight on matters we often don't have enough chances to discuss. We have selected some of the most inspiring posts that show the undefeatable justice in this world. Let's scroll down to check them out, and kudos to all those brave hearts.

#1 True. It's insane, isn't it?

Source: Feminist Info

#2 Rising water raises all ships

Source: Feminist Info

#3 Vic.tim blaming and shaming is horrible

Source: Feminist Info

#4 There's a scary rash of people these days who believe it's politically cool to not believe in science in general

Source: Feminist Info

#5 America seems to be sliding back into the Dark Ages! And you lot moan about the Islamic States treatment of women!

Source: jennawyspy

#6 Don't forget that these politicians swear their "Oath to uphold the constitution" on the Bible. They don't swear to "uphold the Bible" on the constitution!

Source: Feminist Info

#7 Only pro-life until they are born

Source: Feminist Info

#8 Legalize and tax prostitution. It will literally make it safer. Eliminate the pimps. Eliminate the drug addiction. Whoever doesn't like it, f**k off

Source: Feminist Info

#9 Soda can be spiked too...

Source: Feminist Info

#10 Prior to reading this post I never had the urge to put mayo on a slip n I might just have to buy a slip n slide

Source: Feminist Info

#11 The person your facetiming may not help you in the moment. But they are a witness who can give details about the attacker to police and also call police in that moment to get help faster

Source: Feminist Info

#12 The only thing that makes your son gay is their attraction to men, something that neither they or anyone else can control

Source: ItsDanaWhite

#13 Problem can't tell by looking which are the nice ones and which are the monsters. No labels

Source: Feminist Info

#14 He committed assault, you acted in self defense

Source: xannikinsx

#15 Our healthcare is a mess, still better than the US but needs to be more socialised now that the government can afford it

Source: lorileistorm

#16 We have to unlearn soooo many things

Source: MaudMostly

#17 I'm sick of people expecting every woman to give birth...

Source: Feminist Info

#18 I fully support women having dominion over their body - they have the inalienable right make the decision themselves and need to be fully supported throughout

Source: plsdontdoitsuh

#19 Interesting observation

Source: kevinmichaael

#20 No matter how much everyone recycles, corporations will always produce the most pollution

Source: johnpaul_mejia

Not a surprise to me when I see that many idiots. The thing that amazes me is that more of them just keep showing up. Can't we get rid of them once and for all? While we can't do that just yet, we still can shame them and make them an example for all others.
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