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“I Straight-Up Tell Our Clients Not To Do It”: People Are Roasting These Worst Interior Design Trends That Everyone Should Avoid

If you’re going to buy a new house or renovate your current one soon, you definitely should check out this post. You know, interiors have trends, just like clothes in your wardrobe. And looking at an out-of-fashion house looks just like when you look at a ’70s outfit. Weird and ridiculous. Of course, no one wants to wear JNCO jeans, leg warmers, or pedal pushers in today’s time. Similarly, you will not want to live in a house decorated with outdated designs either.

Old things need to be left behind when they no longer have practical uses. Now, it’s time for new designs, something trendier. But you know, modern interior designs value not only their practical use but also their aesthetics. It’s fair to say that many of the current interior design trends will age poorly, considering how they’re going now.

Someone made a thread on the subreddit Real Estate, asking: “What current aesthetic trends do you think will age poorly?” It felt like the perfect chance for this online community to point out the worst things with the current interior design trends. From mildly irritating to somewhat gruesome to absolute disastrous, here we have a fair number of things you should avoid when renovating your sweet home.

A decor that says, ‘live, laugh, love?’ Nope! Sliding barn doors? Nope! McMansion? Also nope! Maybe you can see some of these trends are not that bad at first but believe us. Look closer, and you’ll see that these trends appear quite questionable. So now, keep scrolling down to check out this list below to see. Here are 15 interior design trends that may not age that gracefully. Be sure to reach the end of this post.

#1 Personally, I think the primary thing is that it is way overused

Source: theartofgettingup

Anything that says Live. Laugh. Love.

#2 Stupid things will be purchased as long as there a stupid people to buy them

Source: pixiestardust8, Ryan Donnelly

Word signs. Yes, we know you “eat” in the kitchen.

#3 I find it weird when a whole bunch of huge houses is built in the middle of nowhere, close together, with tiny yards. Why would you move out of the city only to live five feet away from your neighbors?

Source: apple-masher, Wikipedia

The McMansion.

  • Way too many roof lines and roof planes. high-pitched roofs where the whole house looks like a roof.
  • None of the windows are the same size or style.
  • 5 different siding types: brick, stucco, faux stone, and vinyl, on the same house!
  • The oversized entryway dwarfs the front door itself.
  • No trees, and a huge yard that somehow doesn’t provide any privacy because it’s just a turf-covered hellscape with nothing to block the view of the next McMansion.

#4 Within a couple of weeks, everything was covered in dust and grease

Source: Kay312010,charlesdeluvio

Open shelves in the kitchen.

#5 Yes. It looks barren and cold, like the inside of an empty refrigerator

Source: SheWhoWelds, Sidekix Media

All-white kitchens. White cabinets, white quartz countertops, etc. Looks great in magazines but if you’re actually cooking meals most of the week, it has to be a nightmare to keep everything sparkling clean.

#6 I never understood people buying hutches/cabinets for an ungodly amount of money that look like they were pulled out of a barn

Source: Fragrant-Chipmunk692

Anything manufactured to look like it was worn out, damaged, or re-purposed creatively.

#7 I remember looking back at all the brown decor from the 70s and thinking ‘how the heck did anyone think that looked good?’ I wonder if all the grey is just our version of that

Source: Veeg-Tard, Arm Sarv

Flipper grey everything.

#8 I find it amoosing

Source: sinnabxn

It’s not current but it definitely was an aesthetic trend that aged poorly—cow print, painting cow print on walls, doors, or any surface for that matter.

#9 Also, the textured wall featured in this picture. Try cleaning the dust and cobwebs off this every spring!!!

Source: AffectionatePause152,Sara Sadeghloo

20-foot ceiling living rooms on 2-story homes. What a waste of space for a great extra room on the 2nd floor. Ceilings can max out at 10 feet and still feel high.

#10 I really cringe at those. Just like “clever” t-shirts

Source: Ithurtsprecious, Skylar Kang

I ban any decorations with words on them, no matter how cute they are.

#11 “Floor-to-wall-tiles look like you’re in a morgue”

Source: effesstorm

Kitchens that are floor-to-ceiling subway tile (and all its derivative tiles) on all walls. It resembles a rest-stop bathroom and will start to feel as dated as taupe walls in a McMansion do now.

#12 Painting wood furniture should be a crime

Source: giggles-mcgee, Olivier Bergeron

Paint everything that’s old white.

#13 If you want marble put it in a bathroom and use a more durable stone in the kitchen

Source: valiantdistraction, Simona Sergi

Marble countertops, literally. Not marble-look, but actual marble. People need to be ok with the kind of wear that occurs on marble and I think most people are not. Marble in a kitchen is especially going to quickly accumulate stains and etching.

#14 Yeah well… houses are expensive

Source: anon, Saru Robert

Ugly modern urban apartment exterior where everything is multiple colors/boxes/textures and the inside looks sad and basic.

I realize not everyone loves more period feeling houses, but god, at least Victorians and the like were INTERESTING. The current housing trend is like vanilla ice cream… no attitude, no flavor, and it looks like every other house out there.

And that’s insulting to vanilla ice cream, frankly.

#15 Galley kitchens are also awkward from a work triangle perspective

Source: SweetTeaMama4Life, Jessica Lewis Creative

I don’t know if this is everywhere but where I live the new trend in kitchens is to have the whole kitchen on one wall with a long island in front of it. No other walls in the kitchen because on one side is the dining area and on the other side is the living area. It’s too open and to make things worse you get maybe 2 upper cabinets and maybe 3 lower cabinets because the appliances and sink take up most of the space. I can see where people might think it looks nice but it’s completely not functional and gives such a small amount of storage.

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