10 MCU Characters That Henry Cavill Can Work Like A Charm

Even though Henry Cavill's most well-known role in the DC Extended Universe was as Superman, the handsome actor is ideal for a number of Marvel roles. As Superman in the DCEU, Henry Cavill gained widespread recognition; in fact, the universe as we know it now was largely built on the success of his film Man of Steel. Many people think he might not have another chance to play the Last Son of Krypton because of how divided reviewers and the public are about his portrayal of Superman.

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Who knows what the faltering DCEU will accomplish in the future, but Cavill may still be a superhero even if he doesn't get to don the cape. Cavill could play and flourish in a number of characters in the far more popular MCU, entertaining millions of fans worldwide.

1. Jack Of Hearts

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Despite not being the most well-known comic book character, Jack of Hearts is one of the most overlooked Marvel heroes. Jack Hart, the son of a human man and a Contraxian woman, created a suit to prevent himself from destroying himself since he was unable to control his talents. He ultimately lost control of them, departed Earth, and blew himself up alone in space.
Cavill could really get into the Jack of Hearts tragedy, which would make for an engaging big-screen narrative in the upcoming Avengers film. Furthermore, Cavill may still make a future appearance in the DCEU as Jack of Hearts would just be a one-time character.

2. Colossus

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The X-entry Men's into the MCU has been eagerly anticipated by fans, and there have been suggestions that they may debut in the Multiverse of Madness. The X-Men, though, is a cornerstone of the Marvel world as a whole and will undoubtedly be important in Phase 5 and beyond.
One of the most underappreciated squad members may be Colossus. Although he's not as well-known as characters like Cyclops or Wolverine, he's an essential member of the mutant team. Additionally, Colossus has a deep background that connects him to other significant Marvel characters, like his sister Magik. Cavill undoubtedly possesses the body to portray Colossus convincingly, and having a well-known actor play the part would elevate Colossus' significance inside the X-Men.

3. Cyclops

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Cyclops, a member of the X-Men, will undoubtedly be crucial to the MCU's mutant universe. One of the finest X-Men leaders is Scott Summers, who is renowned for his complex family background and legendary relationships with Jean Grey and Emma Frost.
The Fox X-Men films did a terrible job with the character by essentially pushing him into Wolverine's shadow. The MCU has the potential to right that wrong by elevating Cyclops to the position of the team's greatest strategist. Incorporating the stoic heroism he exhibits in The Witcher with the all-American goodness he brought to Superman, Cavill would be a fascinating pick for the character and create the ideal Cyclops.

4. Nova

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Richard Rider, the first Nova, derives his incredible abilities from the Nova Force. He is able to absorb energy and then unleash it as beams and pulses, and he also possesses superhuman strength, durability, and speed.
Star-Lord and his Guardians of the Galaxy have so far served as the universe's cosmic pillars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nova and the Nova Corps can step in to fill the void left by the Guardians' impending departure in the third installment of their franchise. Cavill would be fantastic in the part, bringing to Nova's particular arrogant demeanor the same charm he showed in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

5. Mister Sinister

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Mister Sinister is the ideal illustration of how the X-Men have some of the greatest and most intricate villains in the Marvel universe. Born Nathaniel Essex in Victorian London, Sinister receives genetic engineering treatment from Apocalypse. As a result, he gains immortality, a semblance of telepathy, and total molecular control over his body.
Sinister has never appeared in a live-action movie, in contrast to previous X-Men antagonists. Cavill would be a fantastic pick for the position, and he has the potential to be a serious danger to the MCU as a whole. He is not just physically strong and British, but he also exudes a particular quality that makes him threatening even when he is silent. Cavill may potentially blend into Sinister thanks to his chalk-white complexion and crimson eyes.

6. Captain Britain

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Captain Britain was once intended to be the British equivalent of Captain America when it was first created in 1976. The character, who is of British descent, was endowed with supernatural abilities by the storied wizard Merlyn, including superhuman strength, flying, and a variety of weapons, including a quarterstaff.
The most typical fan casting for Cavill is Captain Britain. In fact, the actor is portrayed as the figure in several works of fan art, and Cavill has shown interest in playing the part. Although all the elements are in place, only time will tell if it will actually happen.

7. Galactus

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One of the most recognizable villains in the history of comic books is probably Galactus. Galactus, who is most frequently linked with the Fantastic Four, has battled a number of other Marvel superheroes and frequently threatened the whole world with his powerful abilities.
It might have been preferable for Cavill to portray a villain in the MCU given that he is already intimately linked with a hero. Galactus is one of the most interesting characters in Marvel fiction, known to comic book readers as a cosmic entity that is always hungry and has a complex background that has mostly gone unexplored in live-action films. Cavill would be involved for the long haul since Galactus has the potential to be a Thanos-level menace for Phase 5 of the MCU.

8. Hercules

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One of the Avengers members that only comic book readers are aware of is Hercules. Hercules, who was based on the same-named mythical figure, made his screen debut during the Silver Age and joined the Avengers right away. Hercules is the most powerful of the Olympian creatures, in line with his legendary roots.
Zeus, who will be portrayed by Russell Crowe in the next Thor: Love and Thunder, is already well known to MCU fans. It could be a little too obvious to have Cavill reprise his role as Crowe's powerful son, but it would be worthwhile. Cavill has portrayed the Greek mythological figure Theseus in Tarsem Singh's underappreciated 2011 film Immortals, and he possesses the athleticism required to portray an Olympian effectively. What person wouldn't want to see Cavill, too?

9. Sentry

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Sentry, sometimes known as Robert "Bob" Reynolds, is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel comics. His powers are still unknown, as is their exact nature and scope. At first, the Sentry's abilities came from an improved Super Serum that was supposedly 100,000 times more potent than Captain America's. Later tales, such as the Age of Sentry miniseries, assert that the Sentry is an extraterrestrial intelligent life force.
In many respects, Sentry is Marvel's Superman, so Cavill playing him makes logical sense. Multiple cosmic figures will undoubtedly continue to come in the MCU as a result of Marvel Cosmic's growing prominence, and Sentry would be a strong ally in any future battles. He probably wouldn't ever merit a raise.

10. Doctor Doom

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Anything Mission Impossible: Fallout shown is Cavill's talent for playing villains. With his stern personality and commanding physique, he would be the ideal option to bring any comic book villain to life, and Doctor Victor von Doom is perhaps the best villain in the Marvel universe.
In addition to being the Fantastic Four's archrival and one of the most brilliant characters in the Marvel world, Doom is also one of the most powerful characters ever created. After Kang's reign, he has a good chance of becoming a nemesis on the level of Thanos. In addition to offering a sharp contrast to Cavill's prior comic book persona, playing an obviously adversarial part would allow the actor to return to the Superman role in the future without causing any difficulties.
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