These Hilarious Signs People Spotted At Tattoo Shops Are Just So On Point

If you're planning on getting your first tattoo, then we have something would like you to know. As always, when you're about to get a service, it's advised for you to learn about the rules and etiquette in advance. By doing so, you'll be able to avoid embarrassing yourself while going out in public. Yes, any tattoo shop has its own rules and regulations that customers who come to get the service have to follow. And you better pay attention to this.
Just like when you eat at a restaurant, even though you are the customer, act accordingly to the rules because you'll not want to piss off the ones who make you food. Similarly, because you're going to get inked, don't risk upsetting the tattoo artist. That'll be the dumbest thing you can do in your entire life. Sure thing. We believe that no one of us wants to live our life stuck with a bad tattoo. Permanent embarrassment!
Each tattoo parlor has a unique set of etiquette. And some of them are just so on point and downright hilarious, indeed. In the list below, we have gathered pictures of some of the funniest tattoo shop signs that will surely put a smile on your face. If you're waiting to get inked, let's kill the time by scrolling down to check out the list below.

#1 Think outside the ink

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The artists at this tattoo shop must have been so done with all the customers demanding to get inked with these designs. No one can eat the same dish for years. That, and no tattoo artist want to do the same tattoo over and over again. What's with these patterns? Why does everyone ask for them? We can't get it.

#2 See you tomorrow

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#3 Feel grate

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#4 The good, the bad, the ugly

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#5 Let's taco bout it

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#6 Choose your dumb words

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This is a very straightforward solution to stop customers from demanding this piece of design to be inked on their bodies. Like, come on. There are thousands of other better ones, why insist on choosing this? It's not even that unique or beautiful or meaningful or anything.

#7 Walken on sunshine

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#8 Jaws of life

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#9 Good tips

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You know, money can do more than you think. It can work as a pain reliever if you're getting tattooed. Ever heard of this? Still, if tattoo artists say so then it'll be true. Try this the next time you go to a tattoo parlor and let see if it work!

#10 Fancy a poke

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#11 Whine not

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It's dumb to think that it won't hurt while getting inked. Like, when a bunch of needles continually pierce into your skill, it hurts like hell. So, if you cannot tolerate that pain, ask to stop. Or else, just pass out once and for all, until everything is done. Please, listen, don't b*tch whine like something suspicious is happening in dere. We can't handle the look of other people anymore. Just stop it!

#12 Sorry about your mom, bro

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