"Instructions Unclear": Hilarious Instructions That Are Missing The Most Crucial Steps

It's thought that as long as you have the patience to learn, you'll do it someday. The feeling when you start learning something from scratch and eventually master it is awesome. Still, not everyone can do the same, and not everything is that simple. From the most complicated to the most basic task, there are instructions available for those who may need them, always.
But like, knowing how to do a certain thing and teaching others to do it are two different stories. Like, a genius is not a teacher. A person can be intelligent and have broad knowledge, but it takes more to enable them to convey their knowledge to others. The same thing goes here with said instructions. People who make them may think that they're clear enough for people to understand while they're not.
It's just easier when you already know the thing. But, for the ones who don't know, your instructions are like another set of puzzles. Have you ever ordered furniture from IKEA and assembled them by yourself? If yes, you know how frustrating it is to look for help from the multiple-pages step-by-step instruction they provide. It won't help! There's one time or two I've got it done with my intuition, and thank God it worked.
Still, people need to be more serious with their job. Following clear, detailed, and easy-to-understand instructions is already not that easy. Do you know what makes it even harder? Skipping the most crucial steps. Not you here, but the instructions itself is missing something. There are countless incidents when people have to deal with such useless, mind-boggling instructions. And they are so frustrating that people have to shame them.
Tired of all the useless instructions that leave more questions than answers, someone started an ironic subreddit called r/RestOfTheF**kingOwl – and it’s absolutely hilarious. Join us on this ride of amusement by scrolling down below. And be sure to reach the end of this post!

#1 Photoshop tutorials be like

Source: Anton31Kah

#2 Draw the rest of the fcking rose

Source: Imgur

#3 Way to draw the perfect tree

Source: GeneReddit123

#4 Secret to long life

Source: praisedalord1

#5 Only one easy step

Source: Mezzomedo

#6 How to draw Australia

Source: Reddit

#7 Wine Not?

Source: yuyein

#8 “Now add bits to the bird” - from my 5-year-old’s school book

Source: daddyisagamer

#9 Nothing makes sense

Source: MustNeedDogs

#10 How to retire at 38

Source: Snapped_Marathon

#11 The rest of the fcking startup money

Source: hojomonkey

#12 A page in my IKEA instruction manual told me to throw out one of the parts

Source: Imgur

#13 It's just that simple

Source: gingerbearsw

#14 The chopstick company didn’t even try

Source: Retractableman

#15 Rest of the fcking bridal updo

Source: Pizzacanzone

#16 Oh, so easy

Source: nascraytia

#17 Carving a tree into a bear

Source: dj505Gaming

#18 Step 1: Get tools... Step 2: Install the fckin thing

Source: pursu777

#19 It is so easy

Source: Swee_et

#20 Start by drawing meaningless lines on paper

Source: megabanette

#21 How to draw a raccoon with a party hat

Source: lionqueen0

#22 How to meditate

Source: TheUnoriginalOP

#23 Real helpful

Source: pnk0mega

#24 My girlfriend's soap wrapper

Source: aGamingAsian

#25 “Lovely decoration”...

Source: Stereotypical-tag

#26 And that, class, is how a planet is born

Source: savemeqp

#27 I want the recipe

Source: FlamesDoHelp

#28 Just make money, it is that easy!


Do you think that these instructions can be any helpful? We doubt it. Fairly to say, they are more like satires from people who know that are used to troll those who do not. Like that millionaire process, they say "make money" but don't tell how to do that. Also, that last line "repeat" really gets me. Wish that I can repeat things like "use the money to make more money" as they say. Then life will be so so much easier and more enjoyable.
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