30 Of The Best Pics From This Online Community To Celebrate The Land Of 'Nope'

Australia. It's a continent. It's a country. It's an island. It's everything all at once. If you're a travelholic, you'll know that this land has everything to satisfy your desires. Here we have pristine natural beauty with forests, savannas, beaches, and islands. Come to this land, you can also learn about its rich history and unique culture. As long as you like, Australia has a lot more to offer.
This land is a wonder of nature. People here are friendly and generous. Yet, why do so many internet users call Australia the land of the 'NOPE?' Well, it turns out, everything has two sides, one bright and one dark. We see the beauty and abundance of nature as the bright side of this land. But, on the dark side, dangers are everywhere. Don't be fooled by the seemingly peaceful look of this land.
Visitors to Australia better watch out for every step they take. Because, you won't know what is hiding in plain sight. Poisonous, venomous creatures make the reputation for this land. There is a reason for everyone to say that 'everything on this land can kill.' And we believe it's legit. Don't try, or you will deeply regret it later.
Still, these do not prevent people from coming to see this unique patch of land. Physics teachers defending their houses from bushfires? Check. Sexy calendars? Check. Public bike repair stations? You bet. There is more to Australia that keeps people returning here again and again. And, because traveling in real life is quite costly considering you're about to go across the ocean, we'll bring Australia to you.
In the list below, we have gathered 30 photos depicting the most interesting parts of Australian life. Here we have everything from humans to nature, objects, and animals. Let's join us on the voyage to this amazing land of the 'nope.'

#1 The same sex marriage debate in a nutshell

Source: Reddit

#2 This is Patrick Boyle. He went around Mallacoota searching for injured wildlife. Pictured is one of the koalas he had rescued. Shoutout to the fucking legend

Source: thisisdropd

#3 Spotted in a Sunshine Coast Woolworths

Source: Captain_cranky_au

#4 Why are you littering?

Source: SydneyTom

#5 Our cat came home after missing in the fires for 7 nights. She’s burnt but should live. We thought her lost when the fire consumed most of our property. Best feeling ever to walk out and see her alive

Source: Reddit

#6 Typical beach in Australia

Source: Imurderforfood

#7 My physics teacher defended her house from bushfires by herself, and then waited out the fire in her pool using a scuba tank

Source: Drakey02

#8 After a blackout night, my mate woke up to a ripper selfie on his phone!

Source: CtrldKilla

#9 Sexy calendars in Australia

Source: Reddit

#10 Too hot for Jesus in Queensland!

Source: Aquagenie

#11 Energex couldn't check my meter due to my chicken

Source: Reddit

#12 In Maryborough Queensland Australia birthplace of Mary Poppins author PL Travers, they have Mary Poppins crossing lights

Source: MoveOolong72

#13 Fck yeah Ariel

Source: earthygirl_

#14 Summer in Australia

Source: Fredx

#15 Today I learned echidnas can swim

Source: outdatedopinion

#16 Meanwhile in Australia...

Source: rohanrag

#17 Last year's trip to Australia, love from Belgium!

Source: juju-O-T-B

#18 The city of Brisbane, Australia, has public bike repair stations

Source: steffle12

#19 Bloody seagulls

Source: coconutsunbeam

#20 A pile of manure has been dumped outside the Sydney headquarters of News Corp

Source: Kitchen_Items_Fetish

#21 Rescued this guy from my shed, must have been locked in there for a few days, and 10mins later he came to the backdoor to say thanks before heading off to eat cherry plums!

Source: MattSpew

#22 Slipped through the back door of the Department of Transport...

Source: Mumsbud

#23 I love Australia

Source: RPA031

#24 Stunning view

Source: cashbonez

#25 Australia summed up

Source: LadderOne

#26 This possum chilling in the workshop at my work

Source: sealvia

#27 Smart bins in Australia use solar power to compact waste. Includes foot handle

Source: Operatic_Ranch

#28 Selling point for Aussie school

Source: Bray0910

#29 The morning shoe check (before we put them on) saved my wife a bit of pain today

Source: ozmatterhorn

#30 Google street view has blurred the face of Ballina's Big Prawn. Privacy first!

Source: greggobbard

There are so many more interesting things we couldn't put on this list yet. However, we believe that after reading this post, you will agree with us that Australia is a place worth living. Those obstacles are for us to train ourselves. And all others are to celebrate the wonder which is this land itself.
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