These 30 Pet Owners Are Delusional As Heck!

Guys, when you read this post, I hope you are all aware that pets are not born to be joked about.  Under no circumstances should they be bragged about, whether they cost you that much or you turn them to be an excuse to bully others. In contrast, our lovely, fuzzy and furry friends are breathing, living things that deserve to be loved, cared for, and respected.
Sadly, there are still many owners who don't know how to treat their pets appropriately. These entitled owners view the animals living with them every day from bizarre perspectives. Some can't stop complaining about their pets being too expensive, some have too many requirements. Some assume their pets are perfect, and if they fail to accomplish a trick, they'll get angry.
We understand how big responsibility it is to raise an animal, but it doesn't mean that you can be a 'bad' owner. Being a good owner is also a responsibility. And any owner should keep that in mind once you decide to adopt a cat/dog.
In an interview with Bored Panda, Ingrid Johnson, a certified cat behavior consultant, and the founder of Fundamentally Feline define a good pet parent as someone who gets themselves to fully understand what includes in caring for a pet before and after adoption.
Anyone who intends to have a pet should ensure that they have enough resources (money, time, physical environment) to provide their pets with all the things they need. Consulting a qualified professional is necessary in case you are not clear about how to provide the best possible standards of care.
Then, there’s a lot more to do after a pet is introduced to your house. We have to provide them with healthy food, water, living space, and ways to help keep them entertained. More importantly, your pets do need cuddles and snuggles so they don't feel sad or abandoned.
You see, taking care of an animal is not an easy feat, so make sure you take everything into consideration before you decide to adopt one.
Today, let us show you some examples of delusional and entitled pet owners that we've chosen from the r/ChoosingBeggars subreddit. Scroll down to check them out. After finishing reading the list, just let us know if you want to snuggle your dog/cat to give them cuddles.

#1 "Someone Posted On Our Local Yard-Sale Site 2 Days Ago Requesting Emergency Help In Fostering A Dog For 2 Weeks While A Newly-Homeless Family Waited To Move Into Their New Home. I, A Complete Stranger, Offered To Home This Dog For Free....and This Is What I Get"

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#3 All people must think carefully before buying! Impulse buys are the worst.

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#4 This isn't over, Jennay

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#5 No comment

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#6 Someone is missing more than a few brain cells...

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#7 I chuckled at this one... Got her good.

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#8 Oh, I know! I know! ??‍♀️ You, dear OP. Yes, Y.O.U

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#9 "I Wanted To Buy An Old Console For 50, And They Raised The Price $5 For Fees. I Agreed To Pay The New Price, Only To Have Them Raise It Another $5 To Save Their Dog"

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#10 "Woman looking for someone to walk her dog every day for free gets called out in the comments for asking someone to do it free when she charges people $20/h to walk their dogs"

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#11 Another really delusional person

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#12 It's a business, not a charity.

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#13 Now, now, calm down. Come have a cuppa tea with Gertrude.

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#14 She's probably posing as poor so she doesn't have to spend money on puppy food

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#15 This made me giggle!!

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#16 hahahaha oh man

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#17 "It's my pet's birthday, send me money!!"

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#18 Love the smackdown

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#19 People are insaneee

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#20 RUUUUN!!

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#21 Does he even know what Communism is? Or is it just a catch-all insult?

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#22Perfectly reasonable response!

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#23"My Friend Adopted A Cat So I Want One Free And I Don't Care If He's Already Rehomed"

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#25"Trying To Rehome My Sisters Dog And I Get This"

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#26poor doggo

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#28If you can’t afford a pet, you can’t have a pet

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#30She doesn't over vaccinate because she's under intelligent. lolol

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