15 Painfully Entitled Partners That Showed Tons Of Red Flags

Living in today's society, the one thing to bear in mind is to 'know your place.' Everybody can dream as big as they want. But, in reality, things are different. Your desire is nothing but bullshi*t if you just keep mentioning it while you, yourself, can't even do that. Think about that, people. Before asking for something have to be that or this good, look at yourself first. Are you in a position to make demands?
"Beggars can't be choosers!" Yes, people say that all the time. But, some beggars are quite choosy with what they'll take. Well, people see them on the internet every day. And fairly to say, their entitlement is something beyond our imagination. Still pretty funny to see it, tho.
Those choosing beggars are picky with almost everything, including future partners. We still can't get it. Some people set up a list of absurd requirements for their partners as if they're going to choose goods. It's normal to have some sort of conditions satisfied to make sure your partner is suitable for you. But, keep it all reasonable. Some feel absolutely nothing wrong to expect their future husband to have villas, cars, five digits monthly income, and that he will hold an $80,000 wedding for them.
Expecting high quality while having nothing even close to that, isn't it ridiculous? No, some will say. As in the list below, some nuts are publicly shamed for being entitled. Scroll down to check them out, and join us to shame them.

#1 Future spouse is mad because partner will not work a second job to fund their $80,000 wedding

Source: pdxcharger35

#2 Angry over a gifted bag that costs $700

Source: Nannookky123

#3 Strange desired characteristics for a future wife

Source: AndersIskandar

#4 Wanting your spouse to pay for everything and still do chores

Source: SaintGodfather

#5 Angry over a switch lite, which costs upwards of $200

Source: Meepmeep64

#6 Entitled significant other sells apple watch gift from boyfriend because it's an old model

Source: SnakesTake

#7 Person wants ex-husband to support them even though they're divorced

Source: Hollywizzle311

#8 Post expressing anger over ex-spouse, who washes their clothes in his house but does not fold them

Source: idloveacoffeeplease

#9 Woman writes a contract that states she will break her boyfriend's PlayStation if he doesn't abide by the contract rules

Source: ILikeOrangeOwl

#10 Post expresses disappointment after receiving an engagement ring that was passed down from the boyfriend's mother because it's not "new"

Source: AlphaOmegaSith

#11 Ex-spouse wants streaming passwords and login info

Source: marithrowsaway

#12 Husband struggling to make ends meet, gets mad at wife for "lowering herself" because she found coupons in the trash to feed her kids

Source: se7en_7

#13 Mad Because First Dates Are At Free Public Spaces

Source: duskull007

#14 Wife is kind enough to make dinner, is publicly shamed for it on Facebook

Source: TheMightyWizardKing

#15 Wife wants videographer husband to make a video for her friend at a discounted price

Source: Rabedababe

Admittedly, we couldn't stop cringing while editing this post. Self-confidence is good. But nothing is good when it's too much. These people must have had no sense of reality to say such absurd things. Anyway, that's how they choose to live their life. And while we can't change their mind with our words, hopefully, shaming them online will do the thing.
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