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30 Times Kids Did Such Hilarious Things, And Parents Just Had To Share

Life with kids is something of a continuous emotional roller coaster ride. You’ll never know what your day will come out as little troublemakers messing all around. Kids are like untamed wild creatures. Stubborn, picky, and a little annoying at times. If you’re a parent, you’ll understand that helplessness when your kid refuses to go to sleep. Even though you’re already exhausted after a long day at work, your kid just won’t let you rest.

That’s one thing. Kids are like a headache-inducing existence to parents. Don’t get us wrong, as many parents admitted this. Each meal is a daunting battle between parents and kids. Parents force their kids to eat greens while kids try everything, from crying to faking eating, to avoid them. Well, don’t ever underestimate those little minds. They’re the real-life God of Mischief. Parents may never know that they have fallen for their tricks. Not just once but many times.

Still, it’s not that life with kids has nothing more than troubles and headaches. Kids are also very entertaining. They are creative, imaginative, and unexpectedly humorous in words and actions. We think that these are enough to make up for all the tantrums and messes they’ve made.

Down below, parents are sharing the moments their kids did hilarious things. Kids are so different from adults. So, they sometimes do things that we can’t understand. But, those weird deeds are what bring laughter to parents. Let’s scroll down to check them out!

#1 This baby knows how to pose

Source: BrickTamlandsTrident

#2 My son asked if he can make himself a hotdog for a snack after school. I said yes. I hear him and his sister laughing in the kitchen, and walk-in to find this

Source: Havocfyw

#3 My son, the thief

Source: swansonsmeat

This baby doesn’t go for milk or sweets, but for pizza! Parents of this child must be proud that they’ve raised their child to be a future athlete. Run for that pizza!

#4 When your son loves the new toy trucks in daycare

Source: ajfoucault

#5 Is your water running???

Source: tonikyat

#6 My son thought it would be funny to put his toy in front of the baby monitor

Source: Iwillpaytheway

No one enjoys being watched, even when your parents are the watchers. This brilliant kid knows exactly how to avoid being stalked. Fairly to say, this reminds me of when I watched The Jurassic Park.

#7 My kid torturing our robot mop is how the robot revolution starts

Source: bowb4zod

#8 Just watched a kid in my apartment lobby get excited about seeing his dad outside, run face-first into the glass panel, and crack it

Source: Doocoo26

#9 My 3-year-old is angry bc the beavers keep chomping on the tree

Source: Juan911411

Oh, poor child. The lesson on how to let go is never easy. This little kid learned that there’re many things in this world that we can’t control. Like, beavers munching the trees as part of their daily activities. Even though you don’t want it, they still do it. And you can only accept.

#10 I can’t

Source: MeikakFG

#11 Asked my sister if my nephew was enjoying the wedding; this is the picture she sent back

Source: caityfaced88

#12 Apparently my daughter is good at science

Source: cjd3

#13 My son was so excited to show me the art he drew on my car with a rock

Source: Reddit

#14 That’s a big brain

Source: Kids_kubed

#15 Inspiring

Source: JessicaValenti

#16 Thank son

Source: vipersporthp

#17 Stepped out of the kitchen for a moment & my daughter tried to help season the potatoes

Source: aIextkd

#18 My daughter gave my son a signed picture of herself for Christmas

Source: Reddit

#19 I don’t want to brag, but my son might be a math genius…

Source: jbartho

#20 My son came home from school (2nd grade) and had cooked asparagus in his workbook. He says he can’t remember how it got there

Source: Reddit

#21 Trying to potty train my teething toddler. She took a chomp right out of the foam seat

Source: gemrunner

#22 Parenting

Source: slow-lane-passing

#23 Kid wearing the wrong mask in the wrong place at the wrong time

Source: maaanthathurts

#24 My son’s upset because I don’t believe the dog made the hole in our yard

Source: McChicken6677

#25 My child has tons of toys and is playing with an Onion

Source: DarkDayzInHell

#26 Valentine’s day peti from my daughter! Bloody massacre!

Source: CmdrClit

#27 My neighbor’s toddler was a little too quiet

Source: HeyT00ts11

#28 I am grateful

Source: Angel_0f3pic

#29 My little daughter had to draw the wings and feet of the dragon as homework

Source: ChrisStoneGermany

#30 We were playing hide and seek…

Source: graspingwind

You have reached the end of this post. After reading this, do you find parenting anything more enjoyable? We bet you do. And for those who are not yet a parent, don’t be afraid of having kids. Try accepting it and do everything naturally, it’ll help. And you can even find it’s the most rewarding time in your life.

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