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20 People Share The Exact Moment They Realized Their Boss Was Actually Just An Idiot

Once you go out and look for a job, you’ll know how valuable it is to have knowledge and expertise. You can start at lower positions, but with what you have in your hands, promotion opportunities are just a matter of time. Think about that. Competent employees will be assigned to hold higher, more important positions in a company.

So, your boss started as a usual employee and finally got his position after many years? Possibly. The company won’t let incompetent workers hold manager positions, right? It’s true, in most cases. Still, many bosses are much less knowledgeable than their subordinates. And the fact that they stand in higher positions in the organization is nothing but a joke to everyone.

Everything turns out ridiculously. How can people, who clearly don’t have any qualifications required for a certain position, get their job? Some people are indeed working for such bosses. And apparently, they think those people are no bosses but idiots who like to make everyone else listen to them. In the list below, employees share the exact moment when they realized that their boss is a stupid piece of sh*t. And well, what’s more, how can these morons make more money while doing much less?

We have selected some of the most hilarious stories featuring stupid bosses for your light entertainment. We believe that this post will bring you a good dose of laughter. Let’s scroll down to check them out.

And, if you have similar stories, please let us know by commenting down below. Thanks for sharing!

#1 When he told me instead of taking my new higher-paying job I should just work more hours at my current one for him

Source: Lauer99, energepic

#2 When I created functions for similar procedures instead of copying & pasting the exact same code & modifying it in various spots throughout the program

Source: FoleyX90, Florian Olivo

“What if we hire a developer that doesn’t know how to use functions?” Then we shouldn’t have f*****g hired them

#3 I write “: )” on papers, I grade for a professor. He accused me of writing slurs in my native language even though it’s just a f*****g smiley face

Source: aRationalShill, Domingo Alvarez E

#4 Spends money on “fun events” instead of hiring people when we are understaffed severely

Source: Wazards, Greyson Joralemon

#5 When my boss refused to do her duty

Source: adeiner, Element5 Digital

I had a boss once who refused to register to vote because she didn’t want jury duty and then got jury duty because that’s not the only way they pick. She ended up serving for a week.

#6 When she told me I should have no problem with this new task because “it’s not rocket scientist”. Also, she says “pacifically”

Source: TheRealWookyMonster, Glenn Carstens-Peters

#7 When the boss didn’t want to take any responsibility for the whole company

Source: Axl_Bundy, Timothy Exodus

The time he got really b***hy/passive-aggressive a few months after he hired me which finally boiled over when he got mad and said “I HIRED YOU BECAUSE I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO RUN THIS COMPANY FOR ME!”

I’m a graphic designer by the way.

#8 It’s when my boss showed that he couldn’t do simple math

Source: Queen_lucya

Once I told my boss I was 1/3 done with the work I had to do. He said, “well you better hurry the others said they have finished 1/6 of the work.” He walked away and I just stared at him for a few seconds

#9 When he proved that he literally didn’t know anything about the job

Source: TheMonkeyMen, cottonbro

I told my boss since he wouldn’t listen to me we needed an industrial engineer to make our dept/machine more efficient. He said, “no way in hell are we bringing in an engineer.” 3 weeks later my company hired an engineer and when they came to our Dept the engineer asked him what he wanted to do differently he froze turned and said, “well let’s go talk to Themonkeymen he’s worked here a long time he knows what needs to be done.” … this boss makes at least double my salary if not more

#10 My manager told me to mop the breakroom floor. I did. She freaked out that it was slippery (two seconds after I was done)

Source: necrocripple, Pixabay

#11 She has no idea about the basic 101 things related to our industry that a fresh intern could demonstrate on the spot

Source: forumdestroyer156, Canva Studio

#12 Dropped a ton of cash renting art from a museum’s art bank for our (decrepit Chinatown) office. Then didn’t have money to pay salaries

Source: Peregrine2976, Dom J

#13 Asks me to do stuff that helps no one or makes nothing better. He has us doing stuff that he literally can’t explain why

Source: Lufernaal, energepic

#14 My manager (*woman* who’s in nursing school) thought that women were pregnant for 12 months

Source: birb_in_disguise, nastasiia Chepinska

#15 I worked for a production company that never put a dollar into advertising our products

Source: PokyCivi, Eleni Afiontzi

#16 My boss thinks he is a programmer

Source: LeftChoux

(SQL) He told me he did not like that I have one table that contains both active and inactive computers with a field that indicates active and inactive and told me (demanded) that I should create 2 tables one for each computer state.

#17 When they wanted to charge $30 for 4 items and $70 for 8

Source: anon, Artem Beliaikin

#18 Oh he straight up told me he didn’t know what he was doing and was glad I was hired so I could do all the complex stuff

Source: zerbey, Andrea Piacquadio

Good guy to work for, he trusted me to do the very technical side and he took care of the simple projects and kept idiot managers off my back.

#19 When they fired the woman who did HR (she wasn’t qualified for it and had no training to do it so whatever)

Source: davidmitchellseyes, Pablo Varela

I also overheard the owner/boss having this conversation with a co-worker.

Boss: “So, what is HR anyway?”

Co-Worker: “Human Resources”

B: “Yeah, but, like, what do they do?”

CW: “Well, they take care of employee conflicts, deal with internal complaints, stuff like that”

B: “Well, we don’t need that. Besides, you can do that”

So now we don’t have HR, and bonus, the co-worker they were talking to deals with conflict by telling people to “fill out a hurt feelings report”. And yes, it is a family-owned/operated business.

#20 He couldn’t do basic math while pretending to have a master. Couldn’t use Excel either…

Source: abad84

You have reached the end of this post. What do you think about these bosses? It’s just appalling to know that there are people who hold such high positions while having practically no qualifications and knowledge. How they can lead a group of subordinates while they are incompetent and unable to do simple tasks? Well, some of them even think that being a boss means sitting in your chair and earning a lot of money because your employees have done everything for you already.

That’s negligence. People like that should never be bosses. But hey, awful bosses are more common than you might think. So, you need to know when to let go. Quitting is not that bad of a decision considering you’re working for an idiot.

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