People Couldn't Resist Sharing These Photos Of Doubled Things, And Here Are 25 Of The Best

We bet that you all have at least once played with that Matryoshka doll (widely known as the Russian doll) when you were little. A set of matryoshkas consists of a wooden figure, which separates at the middle, top from bottom, to reveal a smaller figure of the same sort inside, which has, in turn, another figure inside of it, and so on. Well, remember the first time you play a matryoshka doll, it just kept revealing more of its smaller versions forever until you lost your mind. Like, come on!
In real life, people sometimes stumble upon things that are doubled and cannot resist taking a picture. Fairly to say, it's rather more exciting than frustrating compared to playing with that wooden doll. Like, when you peel an orange and split it into two, you discover that there is a tiny orange in the center. How cool! Buy one get one orange!
Situations like that are simply fun. And sure thing, there's a subreddit dedicated to sharing this two health bars phenomenon. With roughly half a million members, this sub is going strong with many interesting photos every week. And today, we have gathered some of the best ones to make this list below. Scroll down and check out pictures of doubled things!

#1 Baby orange

Source: HoleyBody

#2 This tree has been adding layers of another tree for years

Source: saurabhred

Nature is incredible! Cutting down a tree and what people found was "another tree" inside. You can apparently see the shape of a tree on this tree trunk. This tree has been drawing a portrait of itself for years? Interesting!

#3 Grandma and grandma

Source: _xParagon

#4 This dog's ear is another dog

Source: davideftw

#5 This apple has an apple on it

Source: EvilLemons01

#6 Chain link icicles

Source: djSanta1

This happens in cold weather when the rain falls down and freezes on the surface of this fence. That layer of ice then thaws and slips out to create another chain-link fence. How incredible!

#7 This man was born for this job

Source: Deep_Glue_Sea

#8 Ships getting shipped on a ship

Source: ThatYodaGuy

Ever wonder how people transport ships across the sea? Well, they of course won't run it one by one to the destination because the fuel cost will be extremely high. They instead stack those ships up on another bigger ship, yes, then ship them like all other goods.

#9 Today my boyfriend accidentally broke the ear off of his dog statue, which he’s had for twelve years, and discovered another smaller dog inside… I have so many questions

Source: TheLawsy

#10 Still Mario

Source: PM_ME_YOUR_PETS___

#11 Hard-boiled e...rock!

Source: sitting_pigeon

#12 A mother car and her son?

Source: edge_mac_edgelord

#13 where will the trash go?

Source: __vs__

#14 A case to protect the case just in case

Source: Hampusfredrik

#15 This doesn't make sense

Source: solapurkar

#16 Clock clock

Source: XilamBalam

#17 Cuteness doubled

Source: aXeSwY

#18 This mouse has a baby

Source: Lugeau

#19 Pulling up the flooring in my porch to reveal more flooring

Source: Reddit

#20 This is absurd

Source: esssssto

#21 My headphones with an adapter actually already had the correct piece screwed under the end

Source: fishboy1215

#22 Cockatwo

Source: Xarben

#23 This second window created by ice

Source: juraj_is_better

#24 Incognito

Source: 710DabbyDuck

#25 He's my stepson

Source: meemee-man

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